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Spirit of Rebellion Incoming

I got home from World’s (amazing time, met many awesome people) to find 7 boxes of SoR waiting on me, and at least five more waiting for me to pick up. If you know anything about Houston, you know that driving around to a bunch of different places means basically planning a visit to a distant city. In the interim, I’ve gotten all seven boxes opened and collated, and I’m about to put them up on the site.

Pricing updates are coming. I haven’t had time to research what exactly market prices are, so you might find something that seems weird. If it’s way too high, rest assured that I will bring it inline with the market later today (fingers crossed that Real Job is quiet enough for me to catch up completely). If it’s too low, then definitely take advantage of my ignorance to score some deals.

‚ÄčIf I’m out of something, I expect to have five more boxes of cards up by tomorrow at the latest.

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