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Hurricane Harvey?

While it’s technically not Star Wars related, since so many folks are aware of our Harvey status I figured I would chronicle the Kingwood Hobbies rebuild through here. Maybe it’s cathartic, maybe it’s feeling the need to justify telling everyone that it’s what I’m using this site to pay for, or maybe it’s just to kickstart me writing something again. Dunno, but if you’re reading this, then Howdy, and welcome to the project.

If you have any questions about flooding, rebuilding the place, Harvey in general, or pretty much anything surrounding this predicament I’m going through, please drop me a line under our Contact section up top. My life is, mostly, an open book, and I’m happy to share.

Surgery on the house has started. If you’re going to to rip your house down to the studs for a Bad Thing, you might as well rebuild it how you like, no? Let’s change this room into a mother-in-law suite. How about a toilet over there? Maybe move the kitchen to this part, and OOOH! I KNOW! Let’s put this AWESOME island into it! The first part of that is to figure out where you’re going to need sewer drainage and water, and get those pipes put in. That means literally carving a chunk out of the foundation of your home and laying new pipe under it. As I type this it sounds like someone is revving a motorcycle engine downstairs as they saw through my foundation. Smells like it to.

Yep, under my house.

There is a giant dirt pile in my wife’s office. This dirt has been under my house for forty years.
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