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Destiny Store Champs is Here!

UPDATE: After consulting with those who had already paid, we are pushing the date back to July 28 so that we can play with the new cards. I don’t have a hard release date yet, but everything I’ve seen kicked around puts July 28 after the set comes out.

Kingwood Hobbies will be hosting its first Destiny Store Champs tournament on July 28, 2018 from noon until approximately 8PM.

Signup here!

Read about the Store Champs from FFG themselves.

Kingwood Hobbies tournaments are a bit different than something you might attend at another store. Because this is an Internet-only shop where I ship from my home, our events are held in other locations. All locations are in northeast Houston in the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita area.

The tournament format is Limited, a mixture of Sealed and Draft. That will force us to adapt the tournament guidelines a bit. The Swiss portion of the tournament will be a Sealed event. Each player will receive eight Legacies booster packs. Your job as the player is to build the best deck you can out of your eight packs plus a Rivals draft kit (You provide your own Rivals kit. If you don’t have one, we will have some on hand to purchase). Players will go against each other in a five round Swiss format. At the end of five rounds, the top six players will move on to the final portion of the tournament. These six players will form a single draft pod. The top six will play a single elimination tournament with the top two seeds from the Swiss receiving a bye.

Prizes for this event are quite extensive.

  • Each player will receive one alternate art version of Force Speed, one alternate art version of Tinker, and one alternate art version of Quick Draw (from the Q2 tournament kit)

Prizes for doing well in the tournament:

  • The top 8 players after Swiss will receive an Ahsoka card box.
  • The top 4 (determined after the first round of the final draft) will receive play mats featuring the art from the Force Speed card.
  • The top 2 players will both receive spotgloss Ahsoka Tano cards with a seal designating their final place (1st or 2nd) on the card.
  • First place will also receive a card good for one bye at a Regionals event.

In addition to the prizes for winning in the tournament, we will be giving out a number of door prizes. Even if you suck at Destiny you stand an excellent chance of coming away with some cool swag. So door prizes consist of:

  • a spotgloss Ahsoka Tano card (minus the seal of finishing place)
  • a top 4 playmat
  • 3 alternate art Battle Droid cards
  • 1 packet of black and green shield tokens (from the Q2 tournament kit)
  • Various older Destiny promos

I’m still lining up additional prize support, so be prepared for some cool stuff to pop up the day of the tournament.

In addition to just playing in a Store Champs, when you play in a Kingwood Hobbies event we track your ranking. We want to know who our best players are across multiple tournaments, so we use an ELO system to see who the best players really are. Once you’ve played your first event with us, check out the Kingwood Hobbies Destiny Rankings to find out how you stack up against the rest of our players.

As if that’s not enough, we’re going to feed you too! One of the signatures of Kingwood Hobbies events is that they are held in affiliation with an outstanding barbecue cook. For your lunch/dinner/general grazing pleasure, there will be an assortment of delicious meats and side dishes to choose from. Traditionally he has served various flavors of sliced sausage and smoked brisket along with his baked beans and a macaroni an cheese that will make you swoon. Follow that up with some homemade ice cream, and you will go home satisfied even if you 0-fer the Destiny part of the day.

The entry fee for this event is $45. That covers:

  • entry into the event
  • participation prizes
  • all packs needed for the Swiss portion of the event
  • all packs needed for the single elimination draft portion of the event (think positively! this is you!)
  • lunch/dinner/grazing barbecue meal

Because our location is small, we are capped at a maximum of thirty players. Make sure you get your signup in early to guarantee a spot. Signup here.

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