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Store Champs Prizes Update

Scroll to the bottom for the full list of prizes.

The Houston GQ was this weekend, and I picked up a couple more things for the Store Champs on 7/28. These will be given away as participation prizes rather than placement prizes, so even if you SUCK at Destiny you have the opportunity to walk away with some exceptionally nice swag.

First of all, upon paying my entry fee for the Standard GQ today they asked me if I wanted to pick up a GQ playmat. Since I have one of each for myself, I initially passed. After a moment, though, I thought it sure would be nice to hand one of these over to some lucky soul at my tournament in two weeks, so I picked up a Thrawn GQ Playmat to give you guys. This bad boy right here is going home with someone. Most likely someone who doesn’t do well in the event.

After picking up the mat, I tried to figure out what the hell I was playing for today. Yesterday I picked up the final battlefield I needed for my complete two-player play set of spotgloss cards, so I didn’t need anything for me. Then it hit me. Why not play for my tournament prizes? I could grind away at the main event and any side events necessary for me to bring home something nice for my players. I took a survey on what everyone’s favorite spot gloss character would be, and I got a huge variety of answers. From Boba to Maul to Aphra to even FN-2199, everyone wants the spot gloss card of their pet character. When I expanded it to the top two characters, however, one name cropped up again and again. He may not be everyone’s number one, but he certainly hits the top two. Folks, let me present to you the coupe de gracie of our participation prizes. BEHOLD THE GLORY!!

Our Updated List of Stuff

Stuff For Everyone (if you show up you will get this)

  • 1 Amazing BBQ Meal (more than you can eat)
  • 1 Alternate Art Force Speed (no die)
  • 1 Alternate Art Quick Draw (Q2 Tournament Kit)
  • 1 Alternate Art Tinker (with the correct cost of 0, a correction from an earlier promo)
  • Some number of older Destiny promos that I will give out as I get bored and reach into my giant box-o-stuff.
  • 8 Packs of Destiny (6 Way of the Force and 2 Legacy) with which you will build a deck and play with.

Stuff For Anyone (you have a shot these no matter how well place in the tournament)

  • 1 Spot Gloss Ahsoka Tano card (minus the seal of finishing place)
  • 1 Force Speed Alternate Art Play Mat (also given out to the Top 4)
  • 3 Alternate Art Battle Droid cards (Q3 Tournament Kit)
  • 1 Pack of Black and Green shield tokens (Q2 Tournament Kit)
  • 1 Free Entry into the Destiny tournament being held at the Game Theory Expo in Houston on 9/29/2018 (donated by our good friend Julio)
  • 1 Thrawn GQ Play Mat (2018 GQ Season)
  • 1 Yoda – Wizened Master Spot Gloss card (2018 GQ Season)

Prizes for The Ones (ok, not all of these are winners. These are for those who do well)

  • Top 8 Ahsoka card box
  • Top 6 6 Packs of Destiny cards (3 Legacy and 3 Way of the Force) which you will draft
  • Top 4 (determined after the first round of the final draft) Play mat featuring the Force Speed alternate art
  • Top 2 spotgloss Ahsoka Tano card with a seal designating their final position.
  • Winner One BYE at a Regionals event of your choice.

Spots are filling up, and we are limited to only 30 people. Head over and pre-register today.

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