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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: KRAP

Since I’m not playing in my very exciting event, I thought I would throw out some ideas for decks. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, feel free to steal these lists.

I’ve got four categories of cards I’m including in these 30 -> 46 card deck expansions, More Removal, More Weapons, Added Wrinkles, and Silver Bullets. Silver Bullets will be the cards targeting at side-boarding.

For KRAP, I’ve decided to shore up some of the one-ofs in the removal, add in a single weapon I’m sad wasn’t in here for removal, and add a couple of useful cards that don’t fit into that category. For silver bullets I’ve gone with some things to shore up slower match-ups.

More Removal
+1 Feel Your Anger
+1 Overconfidence
+1 Beguile

More Weapons
+2 Lightsaber Pull
+1 Dagger of Mortis

Added Wrinkles
+2 Logistics
+1 Enrage
+1 Lightsaber Training

Silver Bullets
+2 Deflect
+2 Dug In
+2 We Have Them Now

​That leaves us with the following deck:

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