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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guest Mike Gemme

As part of the HYPE MACHINE! for our first Altered Standard, I’ve reached out to some of our favorite Destiny celebrities to see if they have any ideas for 40+6 card decks. The response has been extremely positive, so expect some deck lists this week to get your creative juices flowing for this Friday.

Our first guest list is from The Hyperloops own BobbySapphire, the progenitor of the ​40 card deck idea.

Comparing his 40+6 card build to some of the Store Champs winning decks, Mike has chosen to go with the approach of sticking with a high number of solid upgrades, and using the extra ten cards to increase removal/healing while tossing in a few additional wrinkles to keep the opponents off balance. Ataru StrikeDestiny, and Rend all make appearances in the main deck as conditional options against various opponents. These all have the possibility of breaking the game open against the right opponent.

Force Wave makes an appearance in the +6 sideboard as a devastating card against decks that run 3 or 4 wide. Even though this card is already well known, it’s previously not been seen in top-performing Luk3/Rey decks. With additional space to allot, however, this mono blue deck can bring it in only when it can deal maximum damage.

Massive thanks go out to BobbySapphire​ for participating in our little experiment over here. If you’re reading this there is a 100% chance you already know who he is, but if you’ve been hiding under Destiny rocks, check out his work over at the Hyperloops.

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