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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guest Ruben Sanchez

One of the quickest responses to my request for 40+6 card deck ideas came from The Chance Cube. Literally within one minute of shooting them a message on Facebook I had an exclamation point filled response about dreaming up some Altered Standard shenanigans. A short time later Ruben piped up that he would work on a Mill list for me. As this is one of the deck archetypes most likely nerfed by the higher card count, I was incredibly excited to see what he brewed up. This morning I got my peek.

On an additional note, the first list Ruben sent over had a second battlefield in the sideboard, and my head exploded. I hadn’t even considered the idea of using one of the six cards on a battlefield. I ended up going against it for this tournament, but this is exactly the type of unorthodox thinking that gets my heart cockles frothing in anticipation of what I’m about to see.

Without further ado, I give you The Chance Cube’s 40+6 Mill Deck.

While other lists have seen success, the deck used to take most of the top spots at 2018 GenCon is one of the few iconic decks so far in the young life of our game. Reviewing the list below, you can see the changes imparted for this build.

Now that we’re starting to see multiple lists, a few themes have begun to emerge.

  • Shoring up numbers on singleton cards: With expanded lists, you no longer have to cut down on impactful cards like Into the Garbage Chute or Hyperspace Jump in order to fit all that functionality in.
  • Room for borderline cards: Some of the last cards cut from the 30 card lists are now able to make an appearance. In this deck, cards like Dex’s Diner and Republic Cruiser that just didn’t fit can find a home.
  • New wrinkles: With an additional 16 cards to play with, more and more situational cards are seeing play. When was the last time you sleeved up an AnticipateStrength Through Weakness in constructed? Ascension Gun? IN A MILL DECK!? WTF?! 
  • Silver Bullets: No one has room to run extremely narrow cards in a 30 card list. Match-ups are just too diverse to slot in something specifically for one deck. If we’re in a metagame where they aren’t? Well, everyone has stopped playing anyway and a nerf is coming. Additionally, it just opens up more thought space for players to contend with. You know what’s not at all an interesting question right now in 30-card Destiny? Whether Defend or Block is the right call for mass melee removal. You’re not playing either, so move on. You know what’s an interesting question in 40+6 card Destiny? That same exact one. You know what’s good for Destiny as a whole? More and interesting questions for players to think about.

The more I see 40+6 card lists, the more excited I am for this tournament. I hope, if you’re in Houston this coming Friday, you will make the pilgrimage to help us find out if we need to be clamoring for FFG to change the rules of the game. If you don’t have the time to dream something up, just take one of these. I’m sure these folks would love to see what happens when you actually kick the tires on their fresh ideas.

A huge thank you to Ruben Sanchez and The Chance Cube team for participating in this experiment. I highly recommend checking out all their Destiny content. They’re more than just the price watch, people. These are some folks that truly care about the community.

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