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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guests Jackalman Games and Mads Utzon

So far in our little experiment, we haven’t had anyone double up on decks ideas. That changes today though, as both European Champion Mads Utzon of and the prodigious and entertaining creators at Jackalman Games sent in their take on Five Dice Villain builds.

Jackalman Games: 5 Dice Mother

While they both start with Bala-Tik at the root, our Jackalman Games friends chose a Mother Talzin + all odds slant. Embracing this theme during team building means that these two decks are going to skew quite differently. This one will eschew some of the more powerful 0 and 2-drop cards to maximize the power of Mother’s Odds.

While some might think that diluting the deck with more cards would make it harder to successfully fling fistfuls of dice at your opponent’s face, an upgrade suite of fully 16 1-drops means that a hard mulligan (shipping everything to get what you want) should yield you about three things to upgrade your characters with in Round 1. That will allow you to get to rolling an absurd amount of very quickly. 

Once again we see that the opening up of deck size has allowed for some experimentation that we didn’t have before. When was the last time you tried to run Take Prisoner in a competitive deck? Don’t lie. You had to click that link to even know what it was.

Finally, we see some of the sideboard bullets we’ve come to expect. By choosing both Defend and Dodge we’re left wondering what side of remove-everything vs. remove-most-plus-ambush controversy the Jackalman Games fellas are on. Or maybe they’re just next-leveling everyone by having calculated which is best in which match-up?

Mads Utzon: Traditional 5 Dice

Next up let’s take a gander at Champeen of the Europes Mads Utzon’s take on rolling many, many bones. In this case he has opted to take the more traditional approach of power dice and evens rather than limiting himself to all odds with Momma T.

In Mads’s (<- that can’t be grammatically correct. Mads’? Madse’se’ses’e?) own words, “The reason to keep it the original version, is that with a 40 card deck, our average deck quality will drop too much if we try to make an all odd 40 card deck for mother talzin. No tricks in this list, we basically just upped the mitigation and upgrade numbers accordingly with the higher deck count in order to keep our deck consistent.”

Mads has loaded up the deck with the most efficient threats and removal he could get his hands on. That being said, there are some real gems in here that simply do not see play in 30-card decks. A two-pack of Promotion allows him to throw an additional die on a character who isn’t dying any time soon all while replacing itself immediately.

How many times have you stared at a pair of Probes and a pair of Friends in Low Places trying to decide which is the right one for the tournament your about to head into? Screw that. Include both and shred their hand every round.

As for the matchup-specific cards, I will let Mads speak for himself.

  • ​2x Mandalorian Bracers, to lower our mitigation count and up our upgrade count while proving a troublesome upgrade in itself against mill(if anyone should be foolish enough to bring mill)
  • 2x Overconfidence, to give us more hard mitigation to mulligan for in mirror matches or other matchups were keeping balatik alive is crucial.
  • 1x On the hunt comes in over underhand tactics against blue shield decks, and comes in over mitigation against mill
  • 1x Frighten for caution/dug in decks specifically.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to get a free focus every turn or just rock the most efficient Villain dice you can, these Five Dice Villain decks should be a great starting place for playing a 40+6 Standard tournament.

Much appreciation to the Jackalman Games guys for getting me this list that DIRECTLY CHALLLENGES MADS UTZON’S (<- fixed it) ASSERTION THAT 40+6 Mother CAN’T HACK IT! FIGHT!!! Also, much appreciation for their sweet customizations to the Destiny mod on TTS. I mean, they only use them for themselves, but those customizations are at the same time branded-to-the-hilt and elegantly classy.

Thanks as well to Mads for agreeing to participate in our little thought experiment, and for providing some insight into his card and team choices.

​Special thanks to Claus Staal from for taking time out of his holiday to handle the messaging back and forth between us. That’s some dedication right there.

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