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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guest Arrow Brook Gaming

Sorry for missing yesterday, guys. I had a dozen people working on the house all day on the same day X-Wing 2.0 landed. When it came time for my weekly Destiny sojourn I was so tired that it took half an hour to get up the fortitude to walk downstairs and leave.

Onward and upward, though! Our last (maybe next to last, depending on one person who may or may not get back to me) installment of guest 40+6 deck ideas comes to us from Arrow Brook Gaming. the folks who placed first and second at US Nationals recently. If you’re looking for another top team with great content to follow, look no further. From the folks who brought you Droid/Aphra/Snoke in the finals of US Nats I give you 40+6 Yoda/Hondo.

There are a few popular builds of this deck on Let’s compare.

The Arrow Brook guys seem content with the upgrade package from the original decks. Only swapping a Lone Operative for an Ezra’s Saber (sneaky with that Lightsaber Pull lurking in the events) without upping the number of upgrades. With a diluted card pool, they will see a lower number of upgrades per hand, so the power of each one becomes more important. You won’t want to discard any to reroll in this build.

The events are where they’ve really put in the work. In the 30 card versions you see some disagreement in what threats they’re looking to mitigate. The deck on the left is trying to blow up supports with Vandalize and end turns early with Hyperspace Jump, while the one on the right is defending against dice with cards like DefendDive, and Electroshock.  In our 40+6 build no such compromises are made. There’s room to blow up supports at the exact same time you’re mitigating dice. There’s also room to fight against the new threat on the block, Mill, with Fond Memories. Additionally, they’ve added substantial resource generation in Double-Dealing as well as the pseudo upgrades of Lightsaber Pull and R2-D2

There’s no real departure from what 30 card Yoda/Hondo was trying to do, and that’s a good thing; it was already a very good deck. The 40+6 version is just… more.

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