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Altered Standard is Here!

I’ve long had a dream of creating a tournament series where we mess with the rules of the game. Long after the major events are over and the metagame has been solved, there is still Destiny to be played. If we can create new restrictions that will breed new creativity, new fun can be had.

While future tournaments will focus on other areas, recent articles have spurred my creative juices around the fundamental direction of the game. Previously, while floundering in the deadlands of no large tournaments to ready for, I’ve thought about two of these concepts. It wasn’t until the articles were published that my energy in exploring the boundaries of Destiny was renewed.

On August 13, 2018 BobbySapphire of the Hyperloops posted an article positing the idea that Destiny decks should be 40 cards. ​It’s Time For Star Wars Destiny To Join The 40/40 Club – 40 cards/40 minutes explores the idea that thirty card decks are simply not enough for a deep game like Destiny. Because the game has multiple starting positions (team/battlefield/plot as well as deck), it’s easy to point to the diverse team lists headlining top tournament tables, while completely missing that all those disparate teams are pretty much running all of the same cards in their decks. By keeping the same two-card limit but bumping deck size to forty, you force players to consider at least an additional five cards to bring. That awesome situational card that always gets bumped as the 31st or 32nd card in your deck because you have to play Force Illusion would now have a home. That, coupled with my own discussions with Lukas Litzinger at World’s 2017 where he told me that the thirty card size was arbitrary based on the thirty character points, illustrates to me that there was no hard play testing on the optimum deck size, and it’s possible that forty cards will present a much more enjoyable and thought provoking experience. Or not! Who knows? That’s the point of this! 

Additionally, the idea of sideboards in Destiny has been percolating since not long after the game began. Cards like No Cheating or Extract seem perfectly positioned to fight specific decks, but who is going to devote one of their precious slots to fighting a single deck that they may never face. As such, those silver bullet cards languish in the collection box, nearly never to see play. Besides, how would you even build rules for sideboards in a game where there is only a single game?

Whelp, that’s what we’re here to find out.

Enter Altered Standard 1
40 Card Decks with 6 Card Sideboards

Get your brewing hats on, because it’s time to play a one-shot tournament to prove to Fantasy Flight that it’s time to change the rules of the game (or possibly verify that their initial guesses were dead- on). Friday, September 14, 2018, Kingwood Hobbies will be hosting the first of its Altered Standard tournaments where we crack open the machinery of the game and tinker with it. For this tournament, the following rule changes are in place:

40 Card Deck Size: Normally in Destiny, each player sleeves up thirty of the best cards they can find, and fights their opponent to the death with them. For one day only, we will be expanding that to forty cards to see if we can inject a little more variety into things. Will you bring your normal thirty and just tack on ten more, or will you find whole new synergies inside these expanded deck building boundaries?

6 Card Sideboard: In addition to the forty card list you bring, your deck will start with six more cards inside it. These allow you to tweak your deck for any number of troublesome opponents you might find.

Rules Changes: The only changes to the game play rules will be to accommodate the inclusion of the sideboards. Each player will start the game by presenting their team to the opponent. After reviewing your opponent’s team, each player will search their own deck for six cards of their choice and set them aside. These removed cards will not be part of their starting forty.

Prizes? Cost? Where?

Tournament Fee: $10
Tournament Time: 9/14/2018 
Tournament Location: Undisclosed (except to participants) location in NE Houston
Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds with a Top Cut (Based on the number of participants)
Tournament Prizes (1st Place) 1 Spotgloss Card from the 2017-2018 GQ Series. 
Tournament Prizes (Participation) Promo cards and tokens from various OP sources.
Tournament Prizes (Preregistration) Additional Promo Cards

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