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Altered Standard 2: It’s Gettin’ Nutty In Here

Let’s get this out of the way first. There’s a Destiny tournament at Kingwood Hobbies on February 23, 2019 where first prize is a spotgloss Darth Vader – Terror to Behold. If you want to rock Fat Nasty in his most pimpalicious form and make all the boys swoon, show up and take it from the other folks trying to do the same.

When: February 23, 2019 1PM

Where: Kingwood Hobbies in Kingwood, TX


Brian from the Jank it Up Fuzzball Podcast approached me about wanting to run a Solidarity tournament sometime in the early part of the year. I tend to get… excited about things, so I eagerly agreed, and took off with it. 

Tournament Details

This isn’t your standard Destiny tournament. (lol, get it? S/standard?) We’re blowing out Awakenings block with a big ole bang, and getting ready for the first Standard set rotation in style. This time we’re testing your team and deck building skills in a way that’s never been done before. Here’s what you’re showing up to play with:

  • 1 team of characters that must include the plot Solidarity.
  • 1 deck that adheres to all of the normal deck building restrictions (including those on Solidarity) with one exception. You’re deck size is exactly 45 cards.
  • Kylo Ren – Tormented Soul and Kylo Ren’s Starfighter are banned. If we’re making everyone play single color, we’re not going to let you punish people for it.

Here’s how the tournament will unfold:

  • Each match will start with both players laying out their team for the opponent to review. Then each player will dig through their deck and remove five cards. The five cards, you don’t have to show which they are, are set aside face down. Then, you play your match as normal with a 40 card deck.
  • Normal Swiss rounds based on the number of participants
  • Cut to Top 4 with a single elimination tournament.
  • Top 4 rounds are a single game because

There are three official sponsors for this tournament, and they’re all giving prizes for things.

AEGIS_Broadcasting will be handling the video distribution. If you’re far away and can’t make it, you will be able to kick back and watch some wild-ass Destiny being played. Julio will have some door prizes to give away for whomever has the most interesting match on stream. Even if you lose on camera, you have a shot to take something nice home. 

Jank it Up Fuzzball, the root idea of this whole shindig, is angling to see the most jankest deck you can come up with. Whatever your definition of jank is, throw it together and come make a splash. Brian is handing out three awards, voted on entirely by him, for Jank, Janker, and Jankest.

Kingwood Hobbies:  I don’t know exactly what Julio and Brian are coming up with, but it will definitely be some amazeballs stuff. I do, however, know what I’m doling out for prizes (mostly). I tend to get excited. I also have a soft spot for those also-rans that don’t quite make the top cut in tournaments. This leads to me giving away some nutty prizes even to those who don’t do well. If you were at my Store Champs last summer you have some idea. I handed out two spotgloss cards as door prizes. I only advertised the one. The second was a surprise at the event. Anyway, on to THIS event. I’m going to be adding more, but so far here is what I’ve got:

Prizes Based on Finish

First Place

I’ve acquired a big daddy Vader to give away for first place here. Someone, please take him from me.

Second Place

As a “consolation prize” for losing in the final round of the tournament, the second place finisher will walk away with a spotgloss Obi-Wan Kenobi – Jedi Master. Take this dude and smush some opponents with him plz.

Third and Fourth Place

If you’re good enough to make the final tournament, but those other two yahoos smack you around in the first match, you can salve your bruised ego with a fancy Executioner spotgloss card. Go pair him up with a spotgloss Snoke and wallop some folks with evil red sticks in style.

Door Prizes

If you play in the tournament you are walking away with something. There’s varying levels of niceness, but certainly no garbage. There are two big poppa door prizes I’m giving away, however. Again, these can be yours no matter how badly you suck at Destiny. Just show up, play, and win the drawing.

Mother Talzin/Plo Koon Spotgloss

I did well enough at my last Regionals that I won my very own copy of this card, so I no longer need the one I traded for. I figured it would do some good in the hands of someone who might not have made it to a Regional or didn’t do well. Sally forth and smash someone with a weird, blue alien.

Darth Vader – Terror to Behold

Vader’s a nice card, right? I mean, there’s nothing inherently special about Vader. The cards above are all fancy versions that you had to win at tournaments, and this is just a regular, if expensive, card. Unless, wait a minute. I think I recognize this particular card. I’ve seen it before, but where. Oh! I remember, it was here and here and also here!

That’s right! The exact Darth Vader – Terror to Behold that was used to cheat at the San Diego Regional has come into my possession, and I’m giving it away as a door prize! This bad boy is looking for some Destiny redemption, and I think you’re just the person to give it to him.

There will be a lot more door prizes to give away. Those are just the two that I’ve put my hands on and wrapped my mind around so far. If you are here, you will go home with something nice.


There’s a lot more to come. I’ve already put some sample deck techs and TTS videos together to get those creative juices flowing. They will come out in over the next few weeks. In the meantime, mark 2/23/2019 on your calendar to set aside for some exciting and weird Destiny. If you’re ready to come have some fun, sign up here.

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