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45 Gungans

Altered Standard 45 Card Solidarity: Deck 1

For my first stab at a sample deck I tried to Embrace the Jank. Part way through the Way of the Force metagame I had some success with a four-wide Gungan deck using vehicles to power through damage. It wasn’t a fantastic deck, but it sure was a ton of fun to beat folks with our favorite characters to hate. With a wide open card pool I was able to find a lot of suitable replacements for things I previously had two of.

Below you will find me making the final few cuts to the deck (apparently while encased in a mayonnaise jar). Even when building a self-proclaimed “jank” deck, you can still adhere to solid deck building principles. I focused on as much consistency and resource generation as I could, all while utilizing my large health pool to spread out damage.

The final deck looked like this.

After I put the finishing touches on the deck, my cosponsor Brian from the Jank It Up podcast went head to head to see whose deck could survive. I was pleasantly surprised with his Super Droid/ePhasma2/TIE Pilot team as it was one I’d not come across in my thinking. Take a gander at the game below, and let me know what you think.

*note* Next time I will actually record all of my commentary.

Next time, I bring Vader to the table.

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