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Build Your Own Team Decks Have Been Updated With Convergence

Great news! As of today, you can include Convergence characters in your custom team decks. Also, we’ve diversified to give you more choice in the deck you receive.


First up is our traditional $10 deck. This deck pulls from the Inifinte card pool to give you the most diverse deck imaginable. This is the perfect deck to rock on the kitchen table against your friends and family. Better yet, pick up two and you will have a complete two-player experience. No need to even buy anything else!

Standard or Trilogy

Next up is our new deck. This one is slightly more expensive but allows you to build to a narrower format. Simply choose Standard or Trilogy format, and we will restrict the cards in the deck to match what you need. These decks work great if you want to take them to a small tournament, or if your playgroup is picky about adhering to the newest Destiny sets.

Even More Characters!

Finally, we’ve added the ability to add characters to these decks that are not in the standard character list. Simply buy the character(s) you want on the team that are not listed on the BYOT list, and include them in the notes on your order. Feel free to mix and match both on and off the list! Remember, everything on the list comes included with the deck purchase price. Take a peek at our singles section to find the perfect character to add to your team.

Click Here to Peruse Our List Of Characters Before You Buy

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