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Weekly Sales Update

It’s Friday, and that means it is time for a sales update for you guys. Lots of new stuff in stock and on preorder. Take a peek!

Box of 12 $54.99

Call of the Archons is now deeply discounted! Get your toes wet in the KeyForge world or expand your collection with the powerful cards from this older expansion. At just $4.99 for individual decks or $54.99 for a box of 12 decks, they won’t last long at all.

Single Deck $4.99
Two-Player Starter $19.96
Single Player Starter $11.95
I needed a graphic to balance things.

Worlds Collide is here and it’s LARGE and in CHARGE! Fantasy Flight has given is several more ways to enjoy the game this time around:

The traditional Two-Player Starter is the perfect way to get you and a friend up and running immediately. It comes with two learning decks, two random decks, and a passel of tokens. If you’re starting from zero, this is where you go.

The Deluxe Archon Deck (Single Player Starter) is a new entry in the product lineup. If you’re joining some friends already playing the game, this is where you want to be. It has a single deck for you bundled with a bunch of tokens. No more borrowing them from the chump across from you.

The Premium Box is where you’re at if you want to add some low-level bling to your collection. In addition to two random decks, you get several tuck boxes to store decks, all the new tokens, a big ole box to store the new decks, and a small box to store the tokens. This is the one I bought myself.

Then there’s, you know, the regular decks. Sometimes you just need to feed the need for more deck options.

Box of 12 $95.52
Premium Bling $31.96
Single Deck $7.96

Covert Missions now has a release date of January, so get your preorders in early enough to guarantee you get them on the first wave. We have everything you need to start the set off with a bang.

Sealed Product

Booster Box (36 Packs)

If you like spinning the wheel of fate and cracking packs, these are what you need to get up and running. Nothing fancy, just straightforward boxes, and packs.

Single Packs $2.39 each
Booster Case (6 Boxes)

Complete Sets

Complete Set $234.99
Uncommon Set $24.99
Common Set $4.99

Here’s where it gets interesting. If you’re not down with the randomness of cracking packs and you just want to make sure you get what you need to play the game, this is the land of milk and honey. A dazzling array of sets will allow you to walk away with exactly the cards you need.

Complete Set – This is one of everything. Two of these bad boys and you won’t need to crack a pack, ever. $234.99

Saga Set – If you’re not going to play every legendary, this might be a little more cost-effective than complete sets. Two of every Common, Uncommon, and Rare, and then one of each Legendary. This one allows you to pick up only the second Legendary cards you’re going to play with. $299.99

Common Sets, Uncommon Sets, and Rare Sets – Use these to augment what you want to spend on the game. Mix and match to get exactly the cards you want. These are $4.99, $24.99, and 69.99 respectively.

Saga Set $299.99
Rare Set $69.99
Another placeholder for balancing.
Huge Ship Conversion $23.96
Tantive IV $79.96
C-ROC Cruiser $79.96

It’s time to play BIG! FFG has finally released the tools for us to play with our epic ships. If you’ve got a stash of the original 1.0 models sitting around, bring them to life again with the Huge Ship Conversion Kit. This has the tools to turn those models into functioning pieces in our new 2.0 universe.

If you don’t have a huge ship yet, nary a fret! We’re still waiting on the release of the Imperial ships, but the Scum & Villainy C-ROC Cruiser and Tantive IV ships are here and ready for greedy little hands to crack them open and wreak destruction. The new MSRP of $99.95 means that you’ll take them home for only $79.96 with our standard 20% discount. Set these bad boys on the table and unleash the big guns.

Finally, if you’re wondering exactly what to do with these ships, invite the whole gang over for a massive multiplayer furball with the Epic Battles Multiplayer expansion. at $19.96, it’s easy to set your group up for many nights of glorious fun.

Epic Battles Multiplayer $19.96

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