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Sealed Decks for Charity

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s my recap of our “White Elephant” Sealed Deck Christmas Charity Tournament held on December 14th near Houston. I’m proud to report that the event – put together by Kingwood Hobbies, Coaxium Gaming, and Jank It Up, Fuzzball – raised nearly $300 for a local chapter of Toys-for-Tots. We had twenty participants for a truly jank-tastic tourney, and I recap all the action — from the white elephant distribution of wrapped decks, to how I did personally over five rounds, and then culminating with our Top 4 and crowning a tournament champion. I had an absolute blast playing Destiny with other members of the Houston community, and my heart is full from the money our event was able to raise for such a great cause.

As with last episode, I then crack a couple of Star Wars Destiny booster packs – one generously donated by Gameshop of Destiny and the other by Kingwood Hobbies. I greatly appreciate the support of both! Then, stick around to the very end to learn how to enter in a giveaway for a non-foil monochromatic Leia Organa (Heart of the Resistance) and a Jank It Up, Fuzzball power action token to use with it.

Show Notes and Referrals:
If you like what you heard about the Dealer’s Choice Decks Trey made for the event, you can buy your own from Kingwood Hobbies.

I have about fifteen of my Jank Power Action tokens left for purchase in my shop. I’ll likely reorder more after the new year.

Reminder: I designed an alt-art card for the forthcoming Luke Skywalker (Red Five), available only with a Covert Missions box preorder from Gameshop of Destiny. Check it out!

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