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Covert Missions Sets & Free Dice Pools

February is here, and that means it’s time for Covert Missions! I don’t have an exact release date yet, but I do know that we’re close enough to start thinking about acquiring your cards. Lots of people like cracking packs, but there are some people who just want the cards. For those, we offer a variety of sets where you just get all the cards you’re looking for.

To really sweeten the pot, every Complete Set or Saga Set ordered will come with a free Dice Pool! Order a playset of Covert Missions (two Complete Sets) and you will get two of them! Prototypes for these have been seen on stream everywhere from Worlds 2019 to various local Primes, and now they’re available to buy or pick up free with your set order.

  • Complete Set: This is one of every card, along with any accompanying die, in the entire set. Buy two of these, and you’re done. You have everything you could ever need to play.
  • Saga Set: This is two of every common, uncommon, and rare in the set, and one of each of the legendaries. This is a bit more economical option if there are legendaries you will never want to play with. Buy this, and you can pick up second copies of specific legendaries when you need them.
  • Rare Set, Uncommon Set, and Common Set: Here’s where we start mixing and matching. Are you looking to snap up the cheapest option possible? Grab a couple of common sets to get started. Do you want a playset of everything that doesn’t have dice? Grab two each of the uncommon and common sets and you will only need to snag the dice you want.

While you’re there, check out our other sets if you need to backfill your collection.

Note: If you’ve already ordered a set through us, you will have the Dice Pools added to your order automatically.

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