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Easy Pickings

I share my thoughts on the sudden announcement of Destiny’s demise and try to talk myself into being excited for attending Worlds in May. Then, I talk a bit about some decks I’ve tried out recently and recap a 1/2 box sealed battle I had with Greg using Legacies and the Rivals draft kit. Could my team of Yoda, Wedge Antilles, and a Clone Trooper win the day? After that, I crack some new Spark of Hope booster packs generously donated by both Kingwood Hobbies and Gameshop of Destiny. Bonus: I crack a third pack, given to me by Clare, a fellow Maul player and co-host of the SPLANCHNICS podcast. Lastly, I’m giving away a Maul monochromatic card! Details on how to enter are at the end.

Show Notes and Referrals:
Check out our recent article series on the website titled Well That’s Uncommon, which takes a look at a Covert Missions uncommon card and discusses how it could be played in a casual setting. Vengeful Wookie and Double Agent have been featured in the last two articles.

We’re now on Discord! Join me on the official Jank It Up, Fuzzball discord. Here’s your invite!

SPLANCHNICS is the new podcast by Clare and her daughter Hannah. Not directly Destiny related, but a great listen!

Please visit Friend of Jank Gameshop of Destiny for your Destiny card needs. Use discount code “Jank15” to save 15% off your order of Destiny singles.

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