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Jank Madness

I’m back, and I guess I just couldn’t stay away. Covert Missions is finally coming on March 6, and I have one last sizeable giveaway I want to complete before it rolls out. Greg and I are going to play a four-deck tournament using extra janky decks submitted by fans of Jank It Up, Fuzzball! No Legendaries, no uncommons. It’s time to truly play some jank. I’m going to give you all the details on the giveaway and how you can enter (deadline is February 26th). Afterwards, I crack two more Spark of Hope booster packs, generously donated once again by Kingwood Hobbies and Gameshop of Destiny.

Show Notes and Referrals:

Details on how to enter the Jank Madness Giveaway are available on the Episode 30 page over at

We’re now on Discord! Join me on the official Jank It Up, Fuzzball discord. Here’s your invite!

Please visit Friend of Jank Gameshop of Destiny for your Destiny card needs. Use discount code “Jank15” to save 15% off your order of Destiny singles.

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