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Covert Missions Cards are Now Available for Prebuilt Decks!

Now that the market has settled down slightly, I have a better handle on what cards are available to use in our prebuilt decks. If you haven’t seen them before, head on over to check the decks out. We have fourteen distinct teams to choose from, as well as options for designing the teams yourself or just letting me whip something up for you.

To celebrate, I’ve put four new decks up using cards and characters from Covert Missions.


Takes the idea of Kragan Gorr stealing and runs it in a new direction. There’s a lot of anger in the air as you use curses to force your opponent to roll into Kragan’s ability and Hate to rain damage directly onto the bad guys.


Give your opponent no clear choice on who to knock down first in this Spectre deck. Do they focus on taking out a tanked up Chopper while knowing that a fully tarted up Kanan is about to come ruin their day, or do they try to preemptively finish of Kanan and let you Voltron up some droids?

The Fallen

Jedi and Apprentice is about to get weird.


I made a mill deck. Piss off your tabletop friends.

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