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X-Wing Damage Decks are Finally Out!

After what feels like forever, the sweet faction-specific damage decks have finally arrived! If you preordered yours you should receive it very soon, as I’m turning them around today.

For those of you who either haven’t heard or haven’t ordered, take a gander at these new damage decks you can spice your X-Wing game up with.

Like everything here at Kingwood Hobbies, these decks are 20% off of MSRP, as low as FFG will let me go. That puts these babies at only $3.96 each, so you can grab one for every faction you play!

If you’re interested in them, I’d recommend picking them up quickly. These were allocated from the manufacturer, and none of us got as many as we ordered. This is FFG, so who knows when they will get a reprint, too.

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