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Star Wars: Destiny Transformations Now Available!

With the advent of the print-and-play Transformations set, we, as Destiny players, have embarked on a new era of the game. Now that we’re not buying cards in packs, we need another way to get our fix of in-person Destiny while utilizing these new cards. Working with our suppliers, Kingwood Hobbies has put together a high quality print run of these cards to help out our customers.

As these are copyrighted works, I’m not comfortable straight-up selling the cards I’ve had printed, but I have worked on ways to give them away for free to you guys. I’ve come up with two methods.

First, our wildly popular BYOT Preconstructed Decks have changed slightly. The Standard and Trilogies versions have been broken out into separate products, and their prices updated to reflect the more highly constrained card pools. Beginning today, July 15, all Trilogies BYOT decks have the option of including cards from Transformations on their teams. If you select a Trilogies deck with Transformation cards in it, the purchase price covers all the other cards in the deck, but I will throw in your selected Transformation cards for free. Additionally, since I’m picking these up a complete set at a time, I will be including the rest of the Transformations set along with your purchase.

Second, our singles business has been booming, and I’d like to thank everyone by giving away these sets for free with certain singles orders. Any time you pick up an order from us that contains $50 or more worth of Destiny singles, simply use the coupon code TRANFORMATIONS to get one of our printed decks for free with your order!

Our sets of Transformations should be arriving by the end of July, so any orders that would have these thrown in for free will be held until then. I don’t have an infinite supply of sets arriving, so make sure you get your order in ASAP.

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