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This Post Went Horribly Awry

Kingwood Hobbies now carries blank dice that are compatible with Star Wars: Destiny. They’re 79 cents each, or 10 for $6.99. That was supposed to be the point of this post. Yay! Look at that, new stuff you can get to enhance your Destiny gaming. Great. That’s not where this is going, though.

I try to make my posts entertaining. Whether it’s getting Santa Claus and Donald Trump to endorse my Transformations sets or just using funny memes to get points across, I realize that I’m asking you guys to basically read an advertisement that asks you to give me money for neat stuff, and I want to at least try and make it worth your while.

That same thing happened today when I went to write this post about having blank dice. I got an idea that I thought might make you, the reader, chuckle, so I went about implementing it. Where this ended up has me deeply ashamed. Not for myself, we are way beyond any embarrassment that might come for myself. No, I’m ashamed for my wife and family. I can’t believe that they would be associated with someone who would have this thing come from their brain. It speaks poorly of their choices. (Editor’s Note: this is all in jest. Trey and his wife are madly in love and celebrate 20 years of twitterpatedness next year. Also, Trey is the Editor)

I’ve come this far, though, so I at least have to show it to the world. Somewhere inside this sewer that is my brain, I not only conceived of this abomination but downloaded software and invested multiple hours in creating it. First, though, at least take a look at and appreciate the dice. If I’m going to expose myself to this ridicule, you can at least humor me and oooh and ahh over my blank dice. Oh, and here is a link to the stickers you can put on them.

And now, please experience, Shame. Yes, that is my voice dubbed.

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