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Faltering Allegiances Printing Service is Live

It’s well known by now that Fantasy Flight Games has ended support for Star Wars: Destiny. No new sets (barring the final one that has been printed but not yet distributed) will come out, and FFG will be moving on to different games.

While it’s frustrating to have a game so beloved by its fan base meet an untimely demise, all hope is not lost. In the wake of FFG’s announcement, a group of dedicated players gathered to attempt to extend the life of Star Wars: Destiny. Scrappy Rebels one and all, this group was drawn from playtesters, high-level competitors, content creators, and passionate fans. This continuing committee, against all odds, buckled down and essentially started their own, completely volunteer, game company in an effort to stave off the end of this game we love so much. This group is known as A Renewed Hope.

After months of work in our COVID-enforced isolation, the ARH team has emerged with the first fruits of their efforts; the next set for players to use in Destiny. An ambitious project, Faltering Allegiances is nearly 100 cards of new characters, events, and more that will expand the Destiny landscape in some very exciting ways.

Instead of the traditional method of distribution, random booster packs, A Renewed Hope sets will be released for free as a print-and-play supplement. It’s important to note that these cards, in digital form, are 100% free for you to download and play with. No one in ARH will make a dime off of these cards. They are a labor of love simply to keep the game going strong.

That being said, there are some people who might be looking to play the game physically rather than digitally, and want a more professional look and feel to their game components than what they are able to whip up on their home printer. For those people, Kingwood Hobbies is bringing its logistics and manufacturing capabilities online in multiple aspects.

First, are the cards. Our relationships allow us to have an incredibly high-quality, professionally printed playset of cards made and delivered to you. These cards are the same type as those used in our versions of the print-and-play Transformations sets, which have met with rave reviews from all of our customers. At approximately 165 cards, these sets are substantially larger than the 20 cards in Transformations, so expect to receive a heftier brick of cardboard when you order these.

Pictured are our Transformations cards. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Second, are the dice sides. While we don’t have the ability to exactly mimic the original Destiny dice just yet, we have a very high-quality process involving stickers for you to use. Our vinyl stickers are exceptionally clear and vivid, with easy to read sides that will look quite at home alongside your existing Destiny dice.

Pictured are our Transformations stickers. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Third, are the blank dice themselves. Instead of throwing away old dice by covering them up with stickers, you can now use brand new dice that look and feel exactly like the original Destiny dice. When you roll these, you will be pleased with how well they blend in with the dice you already have. Kingwood Hobbies has these dice for you, and we have them in bunches.

Fourth, we have the tools needed to help you get your dice stickered up quickly and accurately. Anyone can slap a sticker on a die. Doing it freehand takes time, however, and stickering up 558 sides is going to get real old, real quick. Having perfectly made dice will add tremendously to your game experience and these tools make that work suck so much less. Every full playset of cards, dice, and stickers will come with a free single-die tool. Additional single-die tools and 36 die tools are available for an additional charge if you want to really charge up your stickering process.

Sexy Sticker Placement

Finally, for those of you who just want things to show up so that you can get to it, we offer our concierge service for these dice. With the concierge service, your dice will arrive completely and perfectly stickered up inside cushiony foam beds that will make sure everything is safe and sound, ready for you to play.

All of these items are available individually through our main Faltering Allegiances page, with substantial discounts when you get everything together.

Please remember, that you don’t have to buy anything at all in order to play these cards. They will release for free on October 16, 2020 on the main A Renewed Hope website. If you’re looking for something professionally done, however, we’re here for you.

6 thoughts on “Faltering Allegiances Printing Service is Live

  1. How much for he physical cards and dice? How much for you guys to pre assemble the dice? Thanks for keeping the game going!

    1. It’s all in the link in the article!

  2. Will these be available for a while? I have a baby on the way so can’t justify buying this year, but would like to pick the set up at some point!

    1. Yessir, I plan on stocking them going forward.

    2. Congrats on the baby. You’re in for quite a ride.

  3. Thank you!!1

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