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Faltering Allegiances Sets Are Shipping

Now that my sets of cards have begun rolling in, our playsets of Faltering Allegiances are headed out the door, wending their way through the postal system to arrive at your door. The majority of my early preorders have left the premises, and the remainder are packaged and ready to head out in the morning.

For anyone who ordered on 10/28 or later, there will be a slight delay as I’m waiting on a restock of dice. I ordered what I thought at the time was a large order of dice. Then you guys wiped me out and I ordered it again. I’ve got a load of dice coming in that should hold me over through the set 12 (if the weight of it doesn’t break the FedEx truck or crash through my office floor and into my dining room), so there should be no more delays.

For our concierge customers, please be patient. Your dice and cards have already been set aside and will not suffer from this delay. It just takes time to affix that many stickers to that many dice without error.

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