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So, umm, About the Stickers

It has come to my attention that some of the early Faltering Allegiances sticker packs that were sent out may have an error where the vinyl sticker is not cut deeply enough. I am happy to replace any stickers that are not functional, but mailing a set of stickers will delay you from getting started with Faltering Allegiances.

This problem is limited to a small number of sets and has been completely corrected in later shipments. Most people will not experience any trouble, but I wanted to jump out ahead of the problem before it became an issue. I like to proactively take care of people where I can.

If your stickers are feeling feisty about letting go of the rest of the sheet, there are a few things you can try to convince them that they will be happier living in their new home on the side of a die.

  • First, and this has worked for me an extremely high percentage of the time as I put stickers on myself, keep trying. If one side doesn’t let go, spin the page and keep looking. There is almost always a bit that is cut all the way through, and the rest of it is scored well enough to tear off perfectly.
  • If that doesn’t work, try reverse peeling the sticker. The entire top layer of the page is made of sticker material, so peeling that away while pressing down on the sticker itself will almost always induce a separation between the sticker and the rest of the page. Once that gets started, you should be able to peel the sticker off normally.
  • For the truly stubborn ones, I’ve had success using scissors to cut to the scoreline on the sticker. If you peel the sheet back and the sticker just won’t let go, try cutting the top layer from an edge right to the edge of the sticker and then peeling along the score. This one in particular requires sharp eyes and a steady hand to make sure you don’t cut into the sticker itself, so I won’t hold it against you if this one is too tough to pull off.
  • Finally, if there are stickers that just refuse to come out gracefully, peel off the ones you can and send me a list ( of the ones that didn’t work. I can create you a custom sheet of those and get it into the mail to you. That will let you play with at least most of the dice while you wait on me to correct my mistake.

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