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Foil Teams are Here!

You’ve already got your Faltering Allegiances printed up and rocking the tables, but are you as blinged out as you can be? Maybe you have the promo Jyn and Cassian from the release event, but you’re looking for a little bit more sauce on the other characters. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Kingwood Hobbies printing of


This is every single character and plot in Faltering Allegiances (would be battlefields, too, but FA doesn’t have any of those) in the quantities that that would let you play with all foil teams no matter what you’ve got. I had an extra card, so I even threw in a fourth Rebel Partisan for that lady who wants to run the four Partisan/Allies of Necessity deck.

Just take a look at these shiny, shiny foil cards and ask yourself why this didn’t occur to FFG until it was too late. Pick yours up now in the regular listing for Faltering Allegiances prints.

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