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Redemption Extras!

Dice and Stickers for those other cards…

So one of the themes of Redemption is bringing back older cards in new forms. With the 501st Assault Team, for example, you are really going to want to have a stack of E-Web Emplacements ready to go. But what if you don’t have a large pile of older cards to pull from? Maybe you sold off the part of your collection that rotated out of Standard, or maybe you’re new to the party and just don’t have any? Well, that’s where the Destiny Extras come in. Blank dice and stickers for you to use in places where they’re called for. These sticker sheets will get you new art for:

E-Web Emplacement
Medical Droid
  • Four E-Web Emplacement dice (SOR 5) used with 501st Assault Team
  • Four X-Wing dice (ATG 86) used with Admiral Ackbar
  • Two Medical Droid dice (2PG 26) used with Redemption.

And because I had room on the sheet, I’m throwing in:

  • One extra Blizzard One die for that weird scenario where you need a third.
  • Two extra Pirate Loyalist dice for when you hit that Admiral reset multiple times.

I didn’t want to include these with the main set because I didn’t want to make everyone pay extra for cards and dice they don’t really need. If you do need them, however, I’ve got you.

NOTE: These are just the dice and stickers, not the cards. I’m not reprinting FFGs original cards. You will have to proxy those.

ALSO NOTE: These are a new product that I’ve added since listing the original playset printing. If you’ve already ordered a playset printing and would like to add these, please drop a note in your order and I will both refund the shipping on this so that they all come in the same box.

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