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Destiny Redemption Orders Are Shipping

  • When I first ordered cards, my printer said I should be them by the 15th.
  • When they finally shipped on the 10th, FedEx told me the 19th.
  • When the week of the 19th saw some incredible weather in Texas, FedEx began changing the date on me. First the 21st. Then the 22nd. One day after the next until cards finally arrived on 24th.

The cards are here now, however, and have joined with the dice and stickers already pulled to begin their journey to you. As of the 25th I’ve shipped about 50% of my original orders. If you’ve received a tracking email (they often go to spam), yours has hit the mail.

Is your package in here?

What’s In the Box?

While I’ve got you here, I thought I’d show you what you actually get in the box when you order a set from Kingwood Hobbies. The first thing you’ll notice is that these no longer come in random white card boxes. I decided that I wanted to address this issue we’ve had all along with dice storage. When you open your package up you will be greeted with this box. With this attractive set identifier on the side.

After you’ve “ooh”d and “ahh”d over your box for a moment, go ahead and open it up. Inside you will be greeted with your cards and dice.

I really felt like there was going to be more to say for this, but that’s it. Going forward, all Kingwood Hobbies sets will come packaged like this for easy storage.

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