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Destiny Singles Section Breaks Level Record!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the work I’m doing in the Destiny singles section, but that’s only because I’ve been quite the busy beaver. Now that I’m pretty caught up, I have a ton of news to share about new and exciting ways to get your Destiny on.


First, let’s talk about Smash. The fellows over at Dice Commando have put together an incredibly exciting format that has taken the Destiny Community by storm. If you’ve not played it yet, the synopsis is that there quite a number of 15 card decklists paired with 14 or 15 point characters. At the beginning of the play session, everyone gets a random pair of these, smashes them together (get it?), and then goes to town on each other. It’s insanely fun, and an amazing way to both use your old cards and keep the game fresh and exciting.

They started with 18 characters in Wave 1 last year, and then released a whole passel more in February. As of this writing, there are 34 different characters you can pair up. That’s 561 different decks to smash together.

While other folks are doing snazzy accouterment for the Smash decks, I simply don’t have time to work on creating something right now, and, honestly, the stuff other people are making is already amazing. At some point, I might gin up some assignment cards, but I have no idea when that would be. Nope, what Kingwood Hobbies can do for you is provide the card lists and the cold, hard cards that let you actually play the game.

Our new Smash section gives you complete lists of each Smash deck and the opportunity to pick up the cards you need to complete your Smash collection. Also, there are links to any promo versions of cards that were printed by FFG in case you want to snazzy up your Smash. Gotta look slicker than the other guy, right? To take a peek at our new Smash section, GO HERE, or click on one of the character names above to hop directly to that deck.

ARH Single Prints!

One of the tricky parts of using the cards from A Renewed Hope has been the high cost of getting professionally printed cards in your hand. So far, playing with cards physically meant you had to pick up a complete set from me for quite a few shekels, or you had to print your own cards for free and run the risk of your cards looking like they were assembled by a sleepy kindergartener with safety scissors and crayons. Well, FRET NO MORE! If you want to play with some of the new cards, but you don’t want to shell out for everything at once, Kingwood Hobbies is now doing individual printings of every new card released. Simply go on over to the Destiny Singles section, and the new cards are listed alongside the old ones. Both Faltering Allegiances and Redemption are live and selling now. These are excellent for finishing off that updated deck that’s mostly made of older cards or picking up more copies of those staple cards that you’re tired of switching between decks.

Single card printings are available with and without dice, so it’s not necessary to get quite as spendy if you’re content to use regular six-sided dice and just want pretty, professional cards. Characters come with two dice and deck cards come with one die. Cards with weird dice pairings have the options to pick those extra dice up as well.


They’ve been available as complete sets for a while now, but maybe you don’t want the full set. Maybe you just want a single foil Admiral Ackbar to spice up your deck. Maybe you just want your opponent to feel less sad about the lost resource so you hand over a shiny Pirate Loyalist. Maybe you even think you need foil characters, plots, and battlefields like you need a hole in the head. Well, guess what? Without a hole in the head you couldn’t see, smell, breathe, eat, taste, talk, or hear. YOU NEED THESE FOILS! That’s how you exert dominance as your playgroup starts in-person games again.

Anyway, they’re all available individually now, also with dice or without. Snatch them up when you’re ready.

They actually look way better than this. I just had to do some foil art because the real ones don’t photograph well.
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