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Did Someone Ask for New Destiny Cards?

I feel like I overuse ron-paul-its-happening.gif, but, man, there is just new and awesome stuff happening all the time, isn’t there? If you’ve been paying attention to the Destiny world today, you might have noticed that ARH announced the next set.

Just in case you were living under a rock, prepare to have your hair blown back. I believe it was out of respect for FFG that the perpetrators of A Renewed Hope held off on touching anything from the Mandalorian because the final set, Wild Horizons, was supposed to have some Mando-themed cards. Once Fantasy Flight gave our community the finger, however, the gloves came off. Din Djarin and crew seem to be arriving on June 11, and I, for one, welcome our new Mandalorian-themed Destiny overlords.

With the third release of ARH’s Destiny comes the third release of complete playset printings from Kingwood Hobbies. I’ve tried to improve the product with each new release, and this one is no different. After dropping the new storage boxes with some ‘meh’ dice trays for the last set, our new Flippin’ Sweet Dice Trays are making their appearance. These are a massive upgrade that will make your Destiny life muchos better. The smooth feel of buttery foam gently, yet firmly, caressing your dice while they slumber will send you to bed at night finally able to sleep without worry.

Also with this set, I’m doing two completely new things to bump the value to you, my dear customer.

Foils don’t photograph well for the web. This is what your soul will feel like when you play with one, though.

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