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Bookshelf Boxes Ready to Go!

The Redemption printings from Kingwood Hobbies came with what was, hopefully, a delightful surprise. A new way to hand the organization of Destiny dice. No more storing your dice in zip-lock bags or shoeboxes; These new sets came with attractive black boxes that could sit on your bookshelf and hold your dice in nice, soft foam. At the time, they were only available with playset printing orders. I wanted to see how they were received by the community before I made them available en masse.

Well, the community seems to love them, so I’ve ordered and received more of these lovely products. With upgraded foam, these are the perfect way to store your dice attractively on a bookshelf.

That’s upgraded foam, right there.

In addition to lovely black boxes and luxurious foam, each box has available customized lettering on the spine to help you identify which set these dice are from. Options are available all the way back to Awakenings, for, for a bit more, I can put whatever you like on the spine.

Ready to go for future sets, too.

Finally, for all you folks who received version 1.0 of boxes with the older foam, I promised a low-cost upgrade to the new foam. If you’re happy with the box, but want the new sexy foam, there’s an option to order the foam trays individually.

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