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A Tiny Addition to ARH Destiny Sets, Errata Insurance

A couple of small announcements for ARH set printings today:

  • All of the new additions for High Stakes orders are being applied retroactively to Redemption and Faltering Allegiances set. If you haven’t picked up those sets yet, they will now come with
    1. The black bookshelf storage box, including spine lettering and upgraded foam dice storage.
    2. A $10 donation to the ARH team to keep this wonderful game alive.
    3. One free, random, foil character, plot, or battlefield from the set.
  • Also, going forward and applying retroactively to everyone who has ordered or will order regular priced sets from Kingwood Hobbies, errata insurance.

Periodically, the A Renewed Hope team releases updates to their cards in the form of changed wording or updated point totals. These changes, while necessary for the health of the game, can make it tough to play physical cards.


Kingwood Hobbies will begin offering errata packs that contain updated versions of the cards touched in each balance update. As soon as ARH releases updated images, packs of new cards will be going on sale for those who want the newest versions of their cards. For folks who get their sets from us, however, for one year from the date of your last set purchase your errata packs are on the house. Simply cover shipping, and the updated cards will keep your physical collection fresh and correct.

Here’s a cute puppy.

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