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High Stakes Set Review: General

I have always loved the Set Reviews that have been done by YOUR Destiny and EchoBase; so, when I was unable to attend the release event and needed a way to channel my excitement, I decided to create my own. I decided to try something I haven’t seen done in these reviews yet: rate each card, not only on how I perceive playability (on a scale from 1 to 5) but also on the thematics (on a grade scale from F to A).

The ARH team has done incredible work on all of these cards and I’m super excited to play this set. These are my first impressions, and I could be very wrong, both in-game and theme. The opinions herein are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Coaxium Gaming. I’ve avoided looking at other reviews so they don’t color my opinion.

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Blue Red Yellow



Game: Not quite as good as R2-D2, mostly because C-3PO – Perfect Gentleman is better alone than R2-D2 – Loyal Companion is. If you can spot R2, the special is incredible, but if not it’s still good. Even without increasing their values, resolving 2 dice with different symbols in the same action

Theme: I actually like C-3PO more as a support than as a character; I can imagine R2-D2 or Chopper wielding all sorts of weapons, but not C-3PO. I do think he fits pretty clearly in Red but I don’t have a big problem with him being Gray.

Forest Clearing: Corvus2/D

Game: A replacement of sorts for Obi-Wan’s Hut, but unfortunately, unlike that card, this one mills a card. While that may not seem like a downside, blue hero decks are often the ones that drag the game out and get the closest to milling themselves. Could be good with characters that can play from the discard pile, but I’m not sure.

Theme: I like the idea of a battlefield being limited to a specific faction, but, whereas it made a lot of sense for Defensive Perimeter as a defensive location held by rebels, this one doesn’t make as much sense to me.


Amban Blaster4/D+

Game: Upgrades that can remove dice when they’re played have consistently done well because they keep the tempo up and they can be replaced with themselves for a 0-cost removal. I don’t love the die sides, other than that sweet unblockable special, but they are consistent with a 2-cost weapon (if you consider the third resource spent on the removal).

Theme: I wish this was yellow hero, instead of the Beskar Spear. I also wish that one of these sides was melee damage (though I’m pretty sure that its use as a melee weapon is being alluded to by the removal effect). The damage sides seem a little light for a weapon that vaporizes Klatooinians and Jawas

Vibroblade 4.5/C

Game: A 2-cost weapon, with slightly subpar sides, but it can make any die showing damage unblockable. I may be overvaluing unblockable damage, but with this much of it around, I worry that decks that make a lot of shields have gotten a fair bit worse.

Theme: I don’t love that it makes any other damage side unblockable (even if this die isn’t in the pool to be resolved).

Hanger 3-5: Tatooine1/A

Game: This could go with a jank deck that puts resources on things (maybe Extort Cooperation can finally be good), but the downside of giving your opponent the opportunity to remove a resource is probably too much for it to be good.

Theme: This just screams pit droids, scrapping one thing to build another… unfortunately not always the thing you want them to scrap.

Krayt Dragon Lair5/B

Game: Such a great battlefield for a fast aggro deck or a burn deck! (Are you sick of me mentioning this fabled burn deck yet?) This battlefield is Benthic‘s best friend.

Theme: My initial thought was that Krayt Dragons don’t care how rich you are! But then I thought more about it and begrudgingly decided that those resources could represent the banthas you’re feeding him.

Mandalorian Covert2/F

Game: I really like this concept as part of a control-type deck as it slowly thins your opponent’s deck of cards that are good for them while adding back cards that aren’t good at the time or in your particular matchup. However, I don’t think it’s actually good.

Theme: I can’t help but think that I’m missing something here. With this being the Armorer’s home, I would have expected some thing like Weapons Factory Alpha, but for equipment and weapons instead of vehicles. Or as the last hideout of this sect of Mandalorians, perhaps it could have a shielding effect.


Well that’s all of them! This set is full of great cards; the design team did an outstanding job, especially with characters! I only have one overall criticism; many of the events are almost good, but have been weighed down with extra requirements (e.g. Kyber Quest, Overwhelming Forces, Come to Aid, Rally the Covert). I’d rather there be a chance of something being a bit overpowered than have several cards that are almost unplayable. Again, this is only one small gripe among a cornucopia of great cards that I’m very excited about. I hope ARH keeps up the great work that they’ve done on these three sets!

An enormous amount of thanks goes to Trey for editing all of these articles, I made it really difficult with my inexperience in WordPress and he has done an absolutely stellar job! Let me know what you think by commenting on whatever platform you found this or dropping me a line on Discord: Oeklampadius#7833.