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Destiny Errata Packs Available!

It’s been a long time coming, but Errata Packs are now ready to ship. If you’re unsure what that is, keep reading. If you’re ready to get yours, click the link below.

Errata Pack: Summer 2022

Sometimes, in every card game ever, cards are printed that make you look like this when you read them.

There have been a variety of ways companies address these imperfections when they crop up. From changing the number you’re allowed to use in your deck to simply rewriting what the cards do, there are competing philosophies on how to handle it. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses. Do you risk the feel bad of your players getting cards they’re not allowed to play? Is it better to piss people off when their cards don’t work the way they expect them to? Either way, players aren’t happy with this bad, but necessary, part of managing Organized Play for these games.

Destiny, in both eras, has chosen to go with the errata format. Before ARH took over, changing the text of cards was an incredibly ponderous process that sometimes took so long that the changes didn’t make sense when they finally arrived. One bonus of being out from under the shackles of The Mouse is that ARH can be much more nimble in responding to imbalances in play. As a digital-only product, it’s a relatively quick process to change points on a character or remove some piece of text that looked good during design but proved oppressive once players really sank their teeth into it.

As a professional printer of the ARH releases, I want to make sure folks have an opportunity to have physical cards that represent what our ARH OP Overlords say the cards mean now. To that end, Kingwood Hobbies is proud to present our Errata Packs! This version is current as of July 4, 2022, and includes full playsets of all 31 currently errata’d cards, a total of 52 new cards to replace what you have in your collection.

As always, these are completely unnecessary for you to buy if you don’t want to spend the money. Everything provided through this is something you can download on your own, completely for free, to print and play for yourself. The only reasons to pick this up from us are to avoid that time and hassle and to take advantage of our experience to get professional-level versions of these cards.

If you are a previous customer of our complete playsets, these errata packs are completely free for one year following your most recent set printing purchase through our Errata Insurance Program. Simply pick this up at the regular price and include a note with your order that you’ve picked up a complete playset from us in the last year and we will refund the full price of the set (not including shipping).

2 thoughts on “Destiny Errata Packs Available!

  1. This is pretty cool. Thanks for adding this. Another thing that would be awesome is to put up a section called Reprint list that has a link to all the singles if you have them. You know, for us lazy people.

  2. Amazing news! Can’t wait to update the collection xox

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