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Kingwood Hobbies Deck Market Update!

After missing last week (I suck and forgot), I’ve got an extra special update for you this week. Instead of opening new packs from the current set, I’m listing 10 new Arbiter decks ( that have come into my possession. If you’re unfamiliar with Arbiter decks, these are standard SolForge Fusion decks with a twist. They have a unique card back that identifies them as special promotional decks from Stone Blade. You can see the unique card back here (

In addition to these Arbiter decks, I still have a couple of foil decks looking for a home. If you have some time, take a look at and see if there’s something that fits what you need.

Without further ado, here are some highlights from the new Arbiter decks.

Division of Wasting and Flattening (
Uterradon Mauler
Regenerating Decayasaur
Vine Lash

Ingenuity’s Sixth Swarm (
Aegis Wings
Lucid Echoes
3 Armored Creatures

Quest’s Flapping Rocketeers (
2 Armored Creatures
Kindred Raptor + 2 Lifegain cards
Refreshing Batterhide
Toxic Spores

Samples of Steam and Cyrus (
Lots of removal
Cercee’s Call + 3 other spells
Vyric’s Embrace
Cutthroat Fiend

The Abducting Demons and Vampires (
Giant Beaters

The Alphas of the Sprite (
5 Spells
Betrayer – Roaring Skeleton
Spring Dryad with Multiple Minion Generators
Venerable Basher

The Brighttusk Grovekeeper Grooms (
2 Armored creatures
Lysian Rain
2 Creatures with Activate abilities

The Detail of Editing and Testifying (
Forcefield with 3 Warriors
Sonic Burst
Charge Plated Reinforcements
Stabilizing Warcharger
Brightsteel Sentinel with 3 more Robots

The Experts of the Rift and Gestures (
Volcanic Spellknight

The Ultimate Sitting Preachers (
Everflame Phoenix
Scorchmane Dragon

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