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SolForge Fusion Deck Market Spotlight

The Kingwood Hobbies SolForge Fusion Deck Market is home to a wide variety of SolForge fusion decks to add to your collection. Decks are published in a reverse auction format. Nearly all of them enter the Deck Market at $49.99 and then fall $5 in price until they are sold or hit the price floor of $4.99. New decks are added each Friday, so keep checking back to see all our latest goodies.

We also offer the Build Your Own Booster option, where you can pick up one $4.99 booster of your choice from each color for only $14.99

When we add new decks, we want to bring them to the attention of our customers. To that end, our in-house SolForge Fusion experts identify key cards and interactions in each deck, and then ask our good friend ChatGPT to describe the deck to our customers.

The Legion of the Fleeing Warclaws

The essence of The Legion of the Fleeing Warclaws deck evokes tales of valiant struggles. At its core lies Botanimate, a versatile tool capable of vanquishing even the formidable Rumblespark Embodiment. Expanding the arsenal of removal is Toxic Spores, a weapon that dispels threats with calculated efficiency.

The cavalry charges forth in the form of Lysian Rain and Pack’s Blessing, as loyal minions rush to reinforce the Legion’s ranks. Spring Dryad, Soothing Hunter, and Botanimate form an alliance that rejuvenates the lifeblood of the deck, powering synergies with other forces in the grand battlefield theater.

Beneath the banner of The Legion, heroes like Venerable Bear and Toorgmai Guardian stride forth, formidable behemoths that confront rivals with unyielding might. Their imposing presence stands as a bulwark against adversities, anchoring the Legion’s aspirations on a foundation of raw strength.

The Legion of the Fleeing Warclaws embodies tales of persistence and triumph. Within its cards lie narratives of resourceful victories, as the deck orchestrates a saga that unfurls across the realms of strategy. As battles rage on, this Legion forges ahead, a testament to unwavering determination amidst the ebb and flow of war.

You can peruse all of our decks using numerous filters and search options directly through the website at Alternatively, if hard data is more your thing, you can use the Collection Manager to see a spreadsheet view.

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