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Lorcana Product Availability

As those of you interested in Disney’s Lorcana are aware, there have been significant issues obtaining product for the game now that it has launched. Our original allotment of products was snapped up instantly because of both availability and the fact that I insist on selling ours at MSRP rather than the tremendous markup seen on the secondary market.

In an attempt to help our customers play the game, I am continually working to find new sources of product. As I find new troves (get it!?) of product I will be listing them on the site. Where I am able to, I will continue listing products at MSRP, but, unfortunately, I am also having to pay well above what I normally pay to get some of this. In those instances, prices on our site will be marked up over MSRP a similar amount to what our normal markup is.

If you are not interested in purchasing a Lorcana product over MSRP, I completely understand. Hang tight, and we will get those back in stock as quickly as we can.

Also, we have started picking up individual cards to resell as well. We are currently ingesting those into our inventory system, so expect to see competitively priced Lorcana cards very soon.

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