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Lorcana Updates

Lorcana Updates

We have a few new updates for you guys on our Lorcana cards.

  • We’ve found some stock of Starter Decks, albeit without the extra pack in them. These are listed in the Sealed Products section. If these are interesting to you, check them out quickly. Most of what has just been added is already gone.
  • Our Singles Section is now a fully functional search tool. Even if you’re not interested in picking up the cards, feel free to use the site to filter cards on every facet imaginable. Want to know which Steel cards from The First Chapter have a Lore of 2, Classification of Alien, and Cost of 3? You can now find all that and more in our Singles Section.


  • Finally, Common and Uncommon sets are live. Now, you can save a bit on filling out your collection quickly by picking up one of each common or uncommon all at once. Again, like everything else, supplies are extremely limited.
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