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New Decks to the SolForge Fusion Deck Market

Well, the computer crashed, and I lost all of my writeups for this week’s decks. That sucks.

As always, we have the Build-Your-Own-Booster option where you can choose one of each faction from our $4.99 tier of decks for only $14.99.

12 new decks for the Deck Market this week. I decided to do one booster of each set (Kickstarter, Alpha, Whitefang).

Highlights from this week’s newcomers

Betrayer Necromancer (Soothing) + Swampmoss Lurker in The Feasting Gemheart Bears

A tremendous amount of self-destruction synergy in The Cile Gladiators

Apocymancer/Sonic Burst in The Lecturing Engines Tinkerers

Botanimate/Generous Lifegain/Lots of Stealth in The Still Eating Ciege Apes

A potential four-card play with Chaining Invokist/Lightning Brand in The Winking Sparkweaver Collectors

Duplication Dome and Crux Cobalt in Allies of Allomancer of Goggle

All the greatest Tempys hits of Alpha in Everflame Phoenix/Scorchmane Dragone/Storm Caller/Thundersaur/Turnabout and more in NoLuckGiven’s Sailors

Infinite Zombies with the triple Necrotic The Burying Ariadne Puppetmasters

Steeleye Researcher + 3 minion generators in The Piloting Greatest Thail Pack

Five Lifegain cards (good ones) + excellent removal in The Sheltering Spitters Boars

Stompede + 3 Dinos/Elementalist Ritual + Elementals/Fireheart Idol in The Grating Frostspeaker Sorcerers

Devouring/Horrific/Evil Lab + 2 scientists/Runescarred Pit in The Whips of Cackling

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