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Star Wars Unlimited is Around the Corner!

We are on the verge of seeing Star Wars: Destiny’s successor, Star Wars Unlimited, finally hit the table. With sizzling gameplay and an all-new art style, SWU looks to set the CCG market on fire! With a release date of 3/8/2024, the game will be with us before you know it!

If you aren’t sure what’s happening, learn all about this exciting new card game directly from Fantasy Flight at the robust Star Wars Unlimited website. With news, quick-start rules, tons of articles, and even a spot to track your collection and build decks, this site will be a mainstay of the SWU community.

Kingwood Hobbies was (and still is, actually) a pillar of the Destiny community, and will continue to carry that torch into the new and diceless world of Star Wars CCGs. We are your one-stop source for all things SWU. From sealed product and official accessories to singles and full sets, we will have everything you need. At some point, I will probably even cook up some Kingwood Hobbies exclusive swag that you can only get here.

Until we learn more about the set structure, I won’t have singles or sets listed, but, in the meantime, you can stock up on booster pack and accessory preorders to get yourself started right.

As a huge Star Wars nerd myself, this will be one of those games we play a lot. If Organized Play is something you’re interested in, we heavily support the Houston Star Wars CCG community. Join us as we welcome old Destiny friends and new players to this new era of Star Wars card games. Our first event will be the prerelease a week before the game actually launches. Held here at Kingwood Hobbies HQ, just like in the olden times of 2018/2019, we will get together and smash up some cards to see what this new game is all about. Spots are limited, so make sure and pick up a Prerelease Box to reserve your slot. If you’re in the area and want to join us, drop a note in your order so that we save you a seat!

For future events, join us as we meet out in the local community here in Kingwood weekly. We will be visiting some local establishments to sling cards and have a ball. Take a look at all the Organized Play FFG has in store for us.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded Star Wars and gaming nerds, meet up with us on the Coaxium Discord server. We plan events, talk shop, and generally have a good time.

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