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Star Wars: Unlimited Singles Section Now Useful!

During the rush of the opening few weeks of Unlimited, I have been unable to devote an appropriate amount of time to cleaning my singles section. That has all been rectified, however. I’ve got two major updates for you to enjoy:

1. Pricing has been brought in line with the market. Everything listed at first was a guess on my part, but now that singles have started flowing a true market has started setting prices. I’ve brought all of my prices in line with what you’re seeing on other sites, so feel confident that you aren’t overpaying when you buy singles at Kingwood Hobbies.

2. Second, and more exciting. Our search function is now live. If you visit the singles section you can peruse a TON of search options on the right side of the screen (either top or bottom on mobile). Not only can you search by every conceivable piece of information about a card:

  • Rarity
  • Type
  • Aspect
  • Cost
  • Power
  • HP
  • Arena
  • Trait
  • Keyword
  • Full Card Text

You can also search by general functions of what the card does. We’ve gone through and categorized all of the cards by function, so you can find exactly the type of card you’re looking for to fill the slot in your deck! Looking for spectres that deal direct damage to an opponent? How about green cards that give stat buffs to other units? If it exists, you can find it in our singles section.

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