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Star Wars: Unlimited (SWU) Updates

We’ve got a lot of new Star Wars: Unlimited developments around Kingwood Hobbies since our last update.

Tokens, Full Decks, Set 2 Preorders, and Full Sets

New Star Wars: Unlimited Options from Kingwood Hobbies


First, we’ve got our own line of accessories out for the game. Meant to compliment those things released by GameGenic, our accessories will help take your game to the next level.

First up are our tokens. GameGenic released a line of premium acrylic tokens along with the game, but made the mistake of not producing nearly enough of them. Enter, our own designers. Kingwood Hobbies’ SWU Tokens are identically sized to the GameGenic ones, but improved in every way.

Also available are our Twin Suns tokens. Based on the amazing Initiative token, our Blast and Plan tokens are large, hefty, and satisfying to claim.

Next up are our Deck Pod tray dividers. Instead of a big pile o’ tokens where you have to root around to find what you need, quickly separate yours into easily distinguishable piles so that you’re quickly grabbing what you need and getting back to the game. These are cheap and available in Deck Pod-coordinated colors. Check them out.

Premade Decks

In an effort to get more people playing more quickly, Kingwood Hobbies has created our own line of premade decks. These aren’t going to take you over the line in the competitive scene, but if you’re looking for a quick way to build out your deck collection and just PLAY THE GAME, our inexpensive decks are the perfect choice for you. For just $8 each, you can pick up full, complete, playable deck experiences that will show off much of what this game is capable of.


Finally, our preorders are up for the second set, Shadows of the Galaxy. Releasing in mid-July, the spoilers are already giving us a tasted of the amazing stuff in store for the game. Protect Grogu as The Mandalorian or smuggle goods into the game, and so many more cool things are coming. Given the product shortages we’re experiencing in the first set, the second is likely to get allocated, so make sure you’re in line early.

Kingwood Hobbies offers both sealed product and complete sets of cards for you to pick up. Cracking packs is fun, but some folks just want to jump right into the game.

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