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Did Someone Ask for New Destiny Cards?

I feel like I overuse ron-paul-its-happening.gif, but, man, there is just new and awesome stuff happening all the time, isn’t there? If you’ve been paying attention to the Destiny world today, you might have noticed that ARH announced the next set.

Just in case you were living under a rock, prepare to have your hair blown back. I believe it was out of respect for FFG that the perpetrators of A Renewed Hope held off on touching anything from the Mandalorian because the final set, Wild Horizons, was supposed to have some Mando-themed cards. Once Fantasy Flight gave our community the finger, however, the gloves came off. Din Djarin and crew seem to be arriving on June 11, and I, for one, welcome our new Mandalorian-themed Destiny overlords.

With the third release of ARH’s Destiny comes the third release of complete playset printings from Kingwood Hobbies. I’ve tried to improve the product with each new release, and this one is no different. After dropping the new storage boxes with some ‘meh’ dice trays for the last set, our new Flippin’ Sweet Dice Trays are making their appearance. These are a massive upgrade that will make your Destiny life muchos better. The smooth feel of buttery foam gently, yet firmly, caressing your dice while they slumber will send you to bed at night finally able to sleep without worry.

Also with this set, I’m doing two completely new things to bump the value to you, my dear customer.

Foils don’t photograph well for the web. This is what your soul will feel like when you play with one, though.

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Destiny Singles Section Breaks Level Record!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the work I’m doing in the Destiny singles section, but that’s only because I’ve been quite the busy beaver. Now that I’m pretty caught up, I have a ton of news to share about new and exciting ways to get your Destiny on.


First, let’s talk about Smash. The fellows over at Dice Commando have put together an incredibly exciting format that has taken the Destiny Community by storm. If you’ve not played it yet, the synopsis is that there quite a number of 15 card decklists paired with 14 or 15 point characters. At the beginning of the play session, everyone gets a random pair of these, smashes them together (get it?), and then goes to town on each other. It’s insanely fun, and an amazing way to both use your old cards and keep the game fresh and exciting.

They started with 18 characters in Wave 1 last year, and then released a whole passel more in February. As of this writing, there are 34 different characters you can pair up. That’s 561 different decks to smash together.

While other folks are doing snazzy accouterment for the Smash decks, I simply don’t have time to work on creating something right now, and, honestly, the stuff other people are making is already amazing. At some point, I might gin up some assignment cards, but I have no idea when that would be. Nope, what Kingwood Hobbies can do for you is provide the card lists and the cold, hard cards that let you actually play the game.

Our new Smash section gives you complete lists of each Smash deck and the opportunity to pick up the cards you need to complete your Smash collection. Also, there are links to any promo versions of cards that were printed by FFG in case you want to snazzy up your Smash. Gotta look slicker than the other guy, right? To take a peek at our new Smash section, GO HERE, or click on one of the character names above to hop directly to that deck.

ARH Single Prints!

One of the tricky parts of using the cards from A Renewed Hope has been the high cost of getting professionally printed cards in your hand. So far, playing with cards physically meant you had to pick up a complete set from me for quite a few shekels, or you had to print your own cards for free and run the risk of your cards looking like they were assembled by a sleepy kindergartener with safety scissors and crayons. Well, FRET NO MORE! If you want to play with some of the new cards, but you don’t want to shell out for everything at once, Kingwood Hobbies is now doing individual printings of every new card released. Simply go on over to the Destiny Singles section, and the new cards are listed alongside the old ones. Both Faltering Allegiances and Redemption are live and selling now. These are excellent for finishing off that updated deck that’s mostly made of older cards or picking up more copies of those staple cards that you’re tired of switching between decks.

Single card printings are available with and without dice, so it’s not necessary to get quite as spendy if you’re content to use regular six-sided dice and just want pretty, professional cards. Characters come with two dice and deck cards come with one die. Cards with weird dice pairings have the options to pick those extra dice up as well.


They’ve been available as complete sets for a while now, but maybe you don’t want the full set. Maybe you just want a single foil Admiral Ackbar to spice up your deck. Maybe you just want your opponent to feel less sad about the lost resource so you hand over a shiny Pirate Loyalist. Maybe you even think you need foil characters, plots, and battlefields like you need a hole in the head. Well, guess what? Without a hole in the head you couldn’t see, smell, breathe, eat, taste, talk, or hear. YOU NEED THESE FOILS! That’s how you exert dominance as your playgroup starts in-person games again.

Anyway, they’re all available individually now, also with dice or without. Snatch them up when you’re ready.

They actually look way better than this. I just had to do some foil art because the real ones don’t photograph well.
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Destiny Redemption Orders Are Shipping

  • When I first ordered cards, my printer said I should be them by the 15th.
  • When they finally shipped on the 10th, FedEx told me the 19th.
  • When the week of the 19th saw some incredible weather in Texas, FedEx began changing the date on me. First the 21st. Then the 22nd. One day after the next until cards finally arrived on 24th.

The cards are here now, however, and have joined with the dice and stickers already pulled to begin their journey to you. As of the 25th I’ve shipped about 50% of my original orders. If you’ve received a tracking email (they often go to spam), yours has hit the mail.

Is your package in here?

What’s In the Box?

While I’ve got you here, I thought I’d show you what you actually get in the box when you order a set from Kingwood Hobbies. The first thing you’ll notice is that these no longer come in random white card boxes. I decided that I wanted to address this issue we’ve had all along with dice storage. When you open your package up you will be greeted with this box. With this attractive set identifier on the side.

After you’ve “ooh”d and “ahh”d over your box for a moment, go ahead and open it up. Inside you will be greeted with your cards and dice.

I really felt like there was going to be more to say for this, but that’s it. Going forward, all Kingwood Hobbies sets will come packaged like this for easy storage.

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In what is either the final hurrah for Fantasy Flight’s stewardship of X-Wing or Atomic Mass Games’ inaugural release, three new expansions are hitting the shelves soon. None of these are new ships, but they’re new pilots and some amazing new paint schemes for existing ships.

The Phoenix Cell, Skystrike Academy, and Fugitives and Collaborators squadron packs join Heralds of Hope in deepening the stable of pilots available for existing ships.

While Asmodee is asking for an MSRP of $49.95, that seemed a touch high for me. Get these bad boys through Kingwood Hobbies, and they’re only $39.95.

Featuring exciting options for some of the most iconic ships of the Star Wars saga, these Squadron Packs for the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire and Scum and Villainy factions offer new, thematic pilots and upgrades for both standard and Epic play! Each Squadron Pack is the perfect starting point for collecting a faction and is packed with new pilots and upgrades designed to work together to form the tactical core of a squadron. In addition to unique new paint schemes for these ships, each of these releases feature a strong theme to help tell a narrative on the tabletop. As featured in Star Wars: RebelsThe Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack contains the celebrated Rebel heroes of Phoenix Squadron, while the Skystrike Academy Squadron Pack features the expert Imperial pilots seen on the other side of the conflict. For the Scum and Villainy faction, the Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack introduces interesting new options, new pilots, and a few surprises. Read on for more information on what to expect in these expansions!

We already have multiple B-Wing paint jobs, but that orange is fire. Flappy wings, too!

Under the leadership of Commander Jun Sato, Phoenix Squadron is an elite group of pilots who often assist the Ghost team on their missions. At the helm of Phoenix Squadron is Phoenix Leader, Hera Syndulla . The infamously skilled pilot of the Ghost takes the controls of a more-nimble craft in this expansion and is the first RZ-1 A-wing pilot to boast an Initiative value of 6! Her pilot ability represents her guidance and leadership and is flexible enough to help her fit into any squad. Players willing to take on a little stress to more readily keep their armaments trained on the enemy will be interested upgrading their A-wings with some Vectored Cannons . This interesting new upgrade opens up new tactics with your RZ-1 A-wings and presents opportunities to keep your attack dice rolling while performing daring fly-by maneuvers.

Phoenix Squadron is often forced to be resourceful to get the better of the Imperials, and the B-wing included in this expansion is no exception. Painted in the distinct color scheme of the B6 Blade Wing Prototype, this miniature represents the experimental craft created as part of the Shantipole Project. The design of the prototype was so effective that it would later serve as the blueprint for the ubiquitous A/SF-01 B-wing. The experimental weaponry of the B6 Blade Wing Prototype sets it apart from its progeny by combining the power of four lasers together into a single, potent beam. While this upgrade is intended for Epic play, the expansion also includes a version of the title designed for standard play we will show off along with much more in a future preview.

A bit of a muted take on these Imperial ships after that B-Wing, these ships offer some nuance to your table.

The hardened recruits of Skystrike Academy are the elite test pilots of the Galactic Empire. These promising individuals undergo ruthless training, testing some of the Empire’s most potent and experimental starfighters. At the head of Skystrike Academy is Commander Vult Skerris , a notorious pilot known for his skill and cunning. His pilot ability allows you to delay his action until after all ships have moved, giving you perfect information to select the most effective action before engaging.

As leader of Admiral Thrawn’s TIE Defender initiative, Vult Skerris is entrusted with the testing and development of the experimental TIE/D Defender Elite prototype. This new variant boasts increased maneuverability and advanced fire control systems for what is an already effective platform. Expanding their research, the Skystrike Academy employs a number of modifications in their testing that extend to other starfighter chassis as well. One example being the modification of TIE/in Interceptors with more Sensitive Controls to further test the limits of both their pilot’s abilities and the craft itself. Regardless of the implementation, the testing of new technology by the Skystrike Academy presents a very real threat that the Rebel Alliance cannot leave unanswered.


As the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire vie for position in a sweeping war across the stars, the opportunists, criminals, and smugglers of the galaxy operate effectively from the shadows, playing sides against one another to increase their profit. Cutthroat tactics are the norm in the Outer Rim, and sometimes the demise of a wingman just makes for a bigger cut for the survivors. Flying under the sensors is a known tactic for smugglers and outlaws and is perfectly utilized in times of war through a maneuver known as the Tierfon Belly Run , which brings pilots like Padric perilously close to asteroids to shield their approach. As this is a tactic first made famous by Y-wing pilots of the Rebel Alliance you will be pleased to know this upgrade is also included in the Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack.

Not all of the unaffiliated have such an unscrupulous outlook, and some are simply trying to find a place in a tumultuous time of war. Such is the case of Kanan Jarrus , a Jedi padawan seeking refuge after the events of Order 66. This depiction of Kanan represents his time in hiding before his introduction to Hera Syndulla and becoming a crew member of the Ghost. Being on the run, Kanan uses the Force to predict and distract the enemy, increasing the survivability of himself and his wing mates. It should be noted this version of Kanan introduces a new light-side Force user to the limited options available in the Scum and Villainy faction, opening up a number of new tactics and synergies.

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Redemption Shipping Update

I was unable to hit the Valentine’s Day shipment as I’d hoped, but all is not lost. Dice and stickers are packed up and ready to roll. I’m just waiting on cards. The good news is that they made it out the door before the Chinese New Year started, so they’re wending their way through the postal system right now. Current tracking information shows arrival on 2/19, but that is always subject to change, especially when Customs is involved.

Come on FedEx! We’re all waiting to get these cards!

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Redemption Printing Update

Quite a number of you have put your faith in me to deliver physical Destiny cards to you, and I thought you might like a quick update on where we are in getting those to you.

One of my big gripes as a player with FFG’s stewardship of this game is how opaque they were with the manufacturing process. You have trade secrets, I get it, but some level of communication about the process would have gone a long way to helping your player base understand the delays. With that in mind, I’ve resolved to be much more open with you guys about it. There’s still some secret sauce (and a lot of elbow grease), but I want you all to have the best information you can to accurately set your expectations.

One of the rumors we always discussed with the FFG delays was the mythical Chinese New Year. Plenty of folks, myself included, worked hard to excuse FFGs release delays by invoking this mythical Spring Festival. Now that I’m on this side of things I can tell you definitively that it’s real and it absolutely does impact production. For two weeks in February the entire country shuts down, and any order you have with Chinese producers is on pause. You just have to deal with it. The CNY is something you can work around, to an extent. It’s not like it’s a surprise. Like Easter or Thanksgiving, the dates are known well ahead of time. Redemption’s release at the end of February has introduced some interesting challenges with this.


The three components of a Destiny set are the dice, the stickers, and the cards. Here’s where we are on all of those:

  • Dice: I bought.. a lot in December. Surely this would hold me over well into 2021. I still have quite a few, enough to satisfy my current orders, but I’m going to need more Blue dice for any future set orders. Those are already on order, and I hope to have them in the mail on their way here before the country shuts down on 2/12. Thanks to you guys, I now have sufficient buying power to have dice custom poured and colored, so hopefully, these will be perfect Destiny dice recreations.
  • Cards: One of the logistical challenges of the ARH era is that the physical creation of the cards is decoupled from the design and release of the cards. To make sure none of the various producers have an advantage, everyone in the world outside of the core ARH team (not including the set designers) sees these at the same time. While that’s great and necessary for parity, the lead time in having things made makes it rough to time correctly. My printed cards have all been ordered, and I’ve been told that they will definitely hit the mail before the Spring Festival kicks off. This does include all of the foil sets.
  • Stickers: The stickers are the ones I have the most control over as I physically produce them all myself. Shortly after the set releases, my dwarven forges begin to come alive. Choking and belching furnace smoke into the air of Kingwood, TX, I’ve gotten numerous noise complaints from all the banging and hammering. Currently, sticker production is in full swing, and gloriously beautiful sticker sets are rolling off the production lines.

As for an ETA, my current expectation is to start dropping sets in the mail on or around Valentine’s Day. Because what says romance to your wife better than, “Hey honey, let’s load up the truck and take a trip to the Post Office!”

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Redemption Extras!

Dice and Stickers for those other cards…

So one of the themes of Redemption is bringing back older cards in new forms. With the 501st Assault Team, for example, you are really going to want to have a stack of E-Web Emplacements ready to go. But what if you don’t have a large pile of older cards to pull from? Maybe you sold off the part of your collection that rotated out of Standard, or maybe you’re new to the party and just don’t have any? Well, that’s where the Destiny Extras come in. Blank dice and stickers for you to use in places where they’re called for. These sticker sheets will get you new art for:

E-Web Emplacement
Medical Droid
  • Four E-Web Emplacement dice (SOR 5) used with 501st Assault Team
  • Four X-Wing dice (ATG 86) used with Admiral Ackbar
  • Two Medical Droid dice (2PG 26) used with Redemption.

And because I had room on the sheet, I’m throwing in:

  • One extra Blizzard One die for that weird scenario where you need a third.
  • Two extra Pirate Loyalist dice for when you hit that Admiral reset multiple times.

I didn’t want to include these with the main set because I didn’t want to make everyone pay extra for cards and dice they don’t really need. If you do need them, however, I’ve got you.

NOTE: These are just the dice and stickers, not the cards. I’m not reprinting FFGs original cards. You will have to proxy those.

ALSO NOTE: These are a new product that I’ve added since listing the original playset printing. If you’ve already ordered a playset printing and would like to add these, please drop a note in your order and I will both refund the shipping on this so that they all come in the same box.

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KeyForge Dark Tidings is Up For Preorder

Per my distributors, Dark Tidings releases “sometime in February”. That means it is time to get your preorders in! If you’re looking for boxes or decks or what have you, it’s supposed to arrive this month! I don’t order a whole lot of extra KeyForge, so make sure you get your order in early if you want to guarantee your boxes.

Dive beneath the waves of the Crucible’s oceans with Dark Tidings, the fifth set of Archon Decks for KeyForge, the world’s only Unique Deck Game! Dark Tidings introduces a brand-new House to the game: the Unfathomable. Replacing Dis in the current cardpool, the Unfathomable specialize in controlling their opponents by exhausting enemy creatures. What’s more, every House gains the power to call upon the tides of the Crucible, gaining advantages from high tide and avoiding the punishments of low tide. Finally, Dark Tidings also brings the possibility of evil twin decks into the game! Any evil twin deck is an exact copy of another deck in existence, except with many of its cards exchanged for their “evil twin” versions, featuring alternate abilities, graphic design, and art.

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Introducing Star Wars: Destiny Fan Cards!

While some thought the exit of Fantasy Flight spelled doom for our beloved game, others took that as a challenge to keep the game they have such passion for alive. Those people decided that, for them at least, the game was not dead, and they took up the mantle to continue making new and great content for it.

The largest of groups, A Renewed Hope, has already released their initial offering, to great success. They weren’t the only group to lead the charge, however. Teams like The Coruscant Initiative and New Destiny Hungary have also thrown their hat in the ring for creating new cards and dice. It is these groups that Kingwood Hobbies begins to celebrate today by offering our print services to help their creations see the light of day.

That’s the real beauty of this game right now. With no high level Organized Play yet, we’re all just folks sitting around the kitchen table playing with our friends and having fun. It’s that environment where the work of a small group in some remote (to you) corner of the world can contribute to whatever form your tabletop enjoyment is coming from these days.

The first two sets on the menu are from New Destiny Hungary. Both have been released digitally in the past, but now come to your tabletop to enjoy.

There are some other Fan Card sets coming up shortly as well. The Coruscant Initiative released their set, Eternal Conflict just today and New Destiny Hungary has their set, Edge of the Galaxy coming out soon. We will leverage our print services any way we can in order to bring these cards to your kitchen table for you.