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Star Wars: Unlimited (SWU) Updates

Star Wars: Unlimited (SWU) Updates

We’ve got a lot of new Star Wars: Unlimited developments around Kingwood Hobbies since our last update.

Tokens, Full Decks, Set 2 Preorders, and Full Sets

New Star Wars: Unlimited Options from Kingwood Hobbies


First, we’ve got our own line of accessories out for the game. Meant to compliment those things released by GameGenic, our accessories will help take your game to the next level.

First up are our tokens. GameGenic released a line of premium acrylic tokens along with the game, but made the mistake of not producing nearly enough of them. Enter, our own designers. Kingwood Hobbies’ SWU Tokens are identically sized to the GameGenic ones, but improved in every way.

Also available are our Twin Suns tokens. Based on the amazing Initiative token, our Blast and Plan tokens are large, hefty, and satisfying to claim.

Next up are our Deck Pod tray dividers. Instead of a big pile o’ tokens where you have to root around to find what you need, quickly separate yours into easily distinguishable piles so that you’re quickly grabbing what you need and getting back to the game. These are cheap and available in Deck Pod-coordinated colors. Check them out.

Premade Decks

In an effort to get more people playing more quickly, Kingwood Hobbies has created our own line of premade decks. These aren’t going to take you over the line in the competitive scene, but if you’re looking for a quick way to build out your deck collection and just PLAY THE GAME, our inexpensive decks are the perfect choice for you. For just $8 each, you can pick up full, complete, playable deck experiences that will show off much of what this game is capable of.


Finally, our preorders are up for the second set, Shadows of the Galaxy. Releasing in mid-July, the spoilers are already giving us a tasted of the amazing stuff in store for the game. Protect Grogu as The Mandalorian or smuggle goods into the game, and so many more cool things are coming. Given the product shortages we’re experiencing in the first set, the second is likely to get allocated, so make sure you’re in line early.

Kingwood Hobbies offers both sealed product and complete sets of cards for you to pick up. Cracking packs is fun, but some folks just want to jump right into the game.

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Star Wars: Unlimited Singles Section Now Useful!

Star Wars: Unlimited Singles Section Now Useful!

During the rush of the opening few weeks of Unlimited, I have been unable to devote an appropriate amount of time to cleaning my singles section. That has all been rectified, however. I’ve got two major updates for you to enjoy:

1. Pricing has been brought in line with the market. Everything listed at first was a guess on my part, but now that singles have started flowing a true market has started setting prices. I’ve brought all of my prices in line with what you’re seeing on other sites, so feel confident that you aren’t overpaying when you buy singles at Kingwood Hobbies.

2. Second, and more exciting. Our search function is now live. If you visit the singles section you can peruse a TON of search options on the right side of the screen (either top or bottom on mobile). Not only can you search by every conceivable piece of information about a card:

  • Rarity
  • Type
  • Aspect
  • Cost
  • Power
  • HP
  • Arena
  • Trait
  • Keyword
  • Full Card Text

You can also search by general functions of what the card does. We’ve gone through and categorized all of the cards by function, so you can find exactly the type of card you’re looking for to fill the slot in your deck! Looking for spectres that deal direct damage to an opponent? How about green cards that give stat buffs to other units? If it exists, you can find it in our singles section.

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Star Wars Unlimited is Around the Corner!

Star Wars Unlimited is Around the Corner!

We are on the verge of seeing Star Wars: Destiny’s successor, Star Wars Unlimited, finally hit the table. With sizzling gameplay and an all-new art style, SWU looks to set the CCG market on fire! With a release date of 3/8/2024, the game will be with us before you know it!

If you aren’t sure what’s happening, learn all about this exciting new card game directly from Fantasy Flight at the robust Star Wars Unlimited website. With news, quick-start rules, tons of articles, and even a spot to track your collection and build decks, this site will be a mainstay of the SWU community.

Kingwood Hobbies was (and still is, actually) a pillar of the Destiny community, and will continue to carry that torch into the new and diceless world of Star Wars CCGs. We are your one-stop source for all things SWU. From sealed product and official accessories to singles and full sets, we will have everything you need. At some point, I will probably even cook up some Kingwood Hobbies exclusive swag that you can only get here.

Until we learn more about the set structure, I won’t have singles or sets listed, but, in the meantime, you can stock up on booster pack and accessory preorders to get yourself started right.

As a huge Star Wars nerd myself, this will be one of those games we play a lot. If Organized Play is something you’re interested in, we heavily support the Houston Star Wars CCG community. Join us as we welcome old Destiny friends and new players to this new era of Star Wars card games. Our first event will be the prerelease a week before the game actually launches. Held here at Kingwood Hobbies HQ, just like in the olden times of 2018/2019, we will get together and smash up some cards to see what this new game is all about. Spots are limited, so make sure and pick up a Prerelease Box to reserve your slot. If you’re in the area and want to join us, drop a note in your order so that we save you a seat!

For future events, join us as we meet out in the local community here in Kingwood weekly. We will be visiting some local establishments to sling cards and have a ball. Take a look at all the Organized Play FFG has in store for us.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded Star Wars and gaming nerds, meet up with us on the Coaxium Discord server. We plan events, talk shop, and generally have a good time.

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Massive Lorcana and Boardgame Restocks!

Massive Lorcana and Boardgame Restocks!

Just in time for Christmas, Lorcana’s supply pipes have started to unclog, it’s beginning to flow for much more reasonable prices. We have a large amount of stock from both sets coming in. Some are coming from the distributors, so I’m able to sell it at MSRP, and some are coming from the secondary market. Those are a little above MSRP, but I’m keeping them as low as possible.

The First Chapter

The Lorebooks from The First Chapter have shown up from the manufacturer. If you need a lovely spot to store and look at your cards, this is a great way to display them.

Looks like the third wave of boosters has finally started flowing! With 12 boxes on hand and more coming in, now is your chance to get into the game for MSRP!

I’m still having to get starters from the secondary market, but prices are beginning to come down. Jump in and play immediately for less cash.

Rise of the Floodborn

Sleeves and Deck boxes with all new art showed up with the second set. Pick yours up now!

Booster packs from the second set are still scarce. These are coming in from the secondary market, but they are still pretty reasonably priced.

We still have some of the original Rise starters in stock if you’re looking.

We have a handful of D100 sets available if you’re still looking for this collector’s item.

Few and far between, we have a very limited supply of the Illumineer’s Troves remaining.


If Lorcana isn’t your thing, we’ve picked up a slew of new board games for that family night around the table.

Sky Team is a hit new two-player cooperative game that’s been flying off the shelves. We’re actually sold out of this one right now, be we’re expecting a restock soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

The game of colorful tile placement. We are finally carrying the game itself to complement our popular Azul overlays. This is a must-have for any gaming family.

Another massively hot game, Heat: Pedal to the Metal is a fun and easy-to-learn racing game that will quickly race its way into your family’s hearts.

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Rise of the Floodborn Singles In Stock!

Rise of the Floodborn Singles In Stock!

After a mad dash of cracking, sorting, and typing, Kingwood Hobbies is proud to present our initial offering of Rise of the Floodborn singles! If you’re looking for those few cards to flesh out your deck, check here, and we might have them for you.

In addition to looking up what you know you need, check out our search function that allows you to look up cards by what they do. Need to see what direct banishment cards exist? There’s a button for that. Looking for ways to gain Lore directly without having to Quest? Also a button.

When you’re ready, head over to our Singles section below and take a peek.


All prices are based on TCGPlayer Market Pricing. Prices will be adjusted before every weekend.

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Rise of the Floodborn is Here!

Rise of the Floodborn is Here!

On the heels of the red-hot release of Disney’s Lorcana with its first set, The First Chapter, Lorcana’s second set is ready to tear up the card scene. Featuring all-new characters and abilities spanning Disney’s entire property line, these are the cards you want to either sharpen your current decks or build entirely new ones.

After the debacle of the first set’s supply issues, we here at Kingwood Hobbies took a more measured approach to our sales of the new set. Instead of taking preorders based on what we asked for, we’ve waited until we know exactly what we’re getting before we accept any money. Rest assured that anything you order from us this time around is definitely going to ship to you. Lorcana is in stock and shipping as of Wednesday, 11/15. Get your orders in now to get them out the door quickly.

Here’s what we have for you.


The backbone of the game. Booster packs.
Jump straight to playing with Starter Decks.
The uber-anticipated D100 Collector’s Edition
The ever-popular Illumineer’s Trove.


New card sleeves featuring Mulan and Sisu.
New playmats featuring Winnie the Pooh and Beast.
New deck boxes featuring Mulan and Sisu.

Additional Information

Singles should be available this weekend. We just need some time to get them organized and listed for you.

I know pricing is a bit more than it was for the original launch, but that cannot be helped. For every regular player I was able to get the cards into the hands of to get started, ten more scalpers picked us clean so they could sell at a markup. I’ve tried bridging the two so that it’s expensive enough to make it not worth the scalpers’ time, but still less than what you would have to spend on the open market.