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Learn to Build Your Dice

With Faltering Allegiances sets getting ready to ship. I wanted to record something showing how to use our tools and products to get the best results. This is slapping stickers on dice; it’s not difficult. If you’re particular about getting it perfect, though, I’ve got this tutorial put up on how to do it right. If you’re not hip on our FA printing service yet, check out

I will update this with a video showing the 36 die tool when I’m able to get far enough ahead of orders in printing them that I have one I can use.

Now with the second video! This one is long.

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Faltering Allegiances Printing Update (Slight Delay)

Like everyone else, I was excited to get this show started with Faltering Allegiances. The tournament this weekend proved that it’s a fantastic addition to our game, and I was (and am) bouncing around excited to get my hands on some nice looking physical cards. I had everything lined up and ready to click ‘Print’ when an unfortunate thing happened.


In the best of times, creating a new set of cards like this is a herculean effort of coordinating people, teams, ideas, and logistics. It’s nuts. This time around, however, a few things were layered on top of that to make it even more of a truly staggering accomplishment. First, this set was accompanied by the monumental feat of building the entire card-making process. Logistics, leadership, assigning tasks, organization, communications channels, legal… The list goes on and on of the things that the ARH team had to do before they could even get around to making cards for us to play. Then, only a couple of months into that process, the entire world shut down. With COVID-19 looming over everyone’s shoulder, unpaid organization and product creation should have been the last thing on everyone’s mind. Instead, the team flourished under pressure and continued to grind away at the task of keeping to magical creation of Star Wars: Destiny going.

Under all of that pressure, the team delivered, and, counter to everything we’ve ever experienced when logistics were handled by, ahem, someone else, they delivered it on time (early even). Through all of that we, the players, got a set that was incredibly fun and well-balanced. It’s been truly an amazing thing to see. Despite all of that, there were a few flaws in the finished product, and just before the opening Release Event, ARH updated a handful of cards to make them fit more with the intent than the crazy shenanigans people were coming up with. Here are those changes:

  • Selling Intel should read, “Choose a detected card in an opponent’s hand to gain 1 resource, or 2 resources instead if the chosen card’s cost is 3 or more. The chosen card is undetected.” This was done to ensure a card would have to be detected to get the resource.
  • Planned Operation should read, “Spot a Red character to heal 2 damage from a character. Spot 2 Red characters to turn a die to any side. Spot 3 Red characters to resolve one of your dice, increasing its value by 1.” This was done to preserve the intent of the card, which is to resolve YOUR dice, not any die.
  • ISB Agent should read, “Before an opponent discards a card from hand, if it is not detected, you may force them to switch that card with one of their detected cards, if able (the detected card will be discarded).” This was done because the previous wording applied to cards in play and that wasn’t the intent.

Honestly, it’s crazy that these are the only mistakes immediately turned up by this passionate player base shortly after the set released.

While the text has been updated on, the art team is taking a much-needed break after the crunch they went through getting these cards out on time, and won’t be releasing updated pictures of the cards until about a week after the release. Those guys busted their asses to deliver, and they need just a little bit of downtime so that they aren’t burnt out whenever it’s time to get started on the next set.

What does that mean for printing?

Well, as I said earlier, I have these card images lined up and ready to go. Finger hovering over the ‘do-it’ button, I had to make a choice. Do I get the printing process started immediately and knowingly deliver incorrect cards to my customers, or do I delay slightly and make sure that the cards I get into people’s hands are as accurate as they can be? I truly agonized over this for a while. Like you guys, I REALLY want to sleeve these up and start playing them in person. In the end, I thought about Kingwood Hobbies’ reputation in delivering extremely high-quality products with outstanding customer service, and that pushed me to the conclusion that I needed to wait, if possible. I conferred with the ARH team about their plans for the updated cards and was given the timeline above. That’s on the outside of what I’m willing to delay, but it’s still feasible. My finger pulled back from the ‘do-it’ button, and, just like everyone else, I’ve settled in to wait for the final-final images.

If you’re disappointed by this, I completely understand. I’m disappointed by this as well because I want these cards yesterday. If you’re disappointed enough that you would like to cancel your order, please reach out to me on Facebook and I will give you your money back. I hope you’re willing to stick with me, though, because I’ve seen other cards come out of my printer, and they’re glorious.

Rest assured that work is already well underway on the other aspects of these sets. Dice sorting and provisioning and sticker production are in full swing, so everything will be ready to go the moment these cards come in.

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Faltering Allegiances Printing Service is Live

It’s well known by now that Fantasy Flight Games has ended support for Star Wars: Destiny. No new sets (barring the final one that has been printed but not yet distributed) will come out, and FFG will be moving on to different games.

While it’s frustrating to have a game so beloved by its fan base meet an untimely demise, all hope is not lost. In the wake of FFG’s announcement, a group of dedicated players gathered to attempt to extend the life of Star Wars: Destiny. Scrappy Rebels one and all, this group was drawn from playtesters, high-level competitors, content creators, and passionate fans. This continuing committee, against all odds, buckled down and essentially started their own, completely volunteer, game company in an effort to stave off the end of this game we love so much. This group is known as A Renewed Hope.

After months of work in our COVID-enforced isolation, the ARH team has emerged with the first fruits of their efforts; the next set for players to use in Destiny. An ambitious project, Faltering Allegiances is nearly 100 cards of new characters, events, and more that will expand the Destiny landscape in some very exciting ways.

Instead of the traditional method of distribution, random booster packs, A Renewed Hope sets will be released for free as a print-and-play supplement. It’s important to note that these cards, in digital form, are 100% free for you to download and play with. No one in ARH will make a dime off of these cards. They are a labor of love simply to keep the game going strong.

That being said, there are some people who might be looking to play the game physically rather than digitally, and want a more professional look and feel to their game components than what they are able to whip up on their home printer. For those people, Kingwood Hobbies is bringing its logistics and manufacturing capabilities online in multiple aspects.

First, are the cards. Our relationships allow us to have an incredibly high-quality, professionally printed playset of cards made and delivered to you. These cards are the same type as those used in our versions of the print-and-play Transformations sets, which have met with rave reviews from all of our customers. At approximately 165 cards, these sets are substantially larger than the 20 cards in Transformations, so expect to receive a heftier brick of cardboard when you order these.

Pictured are our Transformations cards. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Second, are the dice sides. While we don’t have the ability to exactly mimic the original Destiny dice just yet, we have a very high-quality process involving stickers for you to use. Our vinyl stickers are exceptionally clear and vivid, with easy to read sides that will look quite at home alongside your existing Destiny dice.

Pictured are our Transformations stickers. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Third, are the blank dice themselves. Instead of throwing away old dice by covering them up with stickers, you can now use brand new dice that look and feel exactly like the original Destiny dice. When you roll these, you will be pleased with how well they blend in with the dice you already have. Kingwood Hobbies has these dice for you, and we have them in bunches.

Fourth, we have the tools needed to help you get your dice stickered up quickly and accurately. Anyone can slap a sticker on a die. Doing it freehand takes time, however, and stickering up 558 sides is going to get real old, real quick. Having perfectly made dice will add tremendously to your game experience and these tools make that work suck so much less. Every full playset of cards, dice, and stickers will come with a free single-die tool. Additional single-die tools and 36 die tools are available for an additional charge if you want to really charge up your stickering process.

Sexy Sticker Placement

Finally, for those of you who just want things to show up so that you can get to it, we offer our concierge service for these dice. With the concierge service, your dice will arrive completely and perfectly stickered up inside cushiony foam beds that will make sure everything is safe and sound, ready for you to play.

All of these items are available individually through our main Faltering Allegiances page, with substantial discounts when you get everything together.

Please remember, that you don’t have to buy anything at all in order to play these cards. They will release for free on October 16, 2020 on the main A Renewed Hope website. If you’re looking for something professionally done, however, we’re here for you.

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This Post Went Horribly Awry

Kingwood Hobbies now carries blank dice that are compatible with Star Wars: Destiny. They’re 79 cents each, or 10 for $6.99. That was supposed to be the point of this post. Yay! Look at that, new stuff you can get to enhance your Destiny gaming. Great. That’s not where this is going, though.

I try to make my posts entertaining. Whether it’s getting Santa Claus and Donald Trump to endorse my Transformations sets or just using funny memes to get points across, I realize that I’m asking you guys to basically read an advertisement that asks you to give me money for neat stuff, and I want to at least try and make it worth your while.

That same thing happened today when I went to write this post about having blank dice. I got an idea that I thought might make you, the reader, chuckle, so I went about implementing it. Where this ended up has me deeply ashamed. Not for myself, we are way beyond any embarrassment that might come for myself. No, I’m ashamed for my wife and family. I can’t believe that they would be associated with someone who would have this thing come from their brain. It speaks poorly of their choices. (Editor’s Note: this is all in jest. Trey and his wife are madly in love and celebrate 20 years of twitterpatedness next year. Also, Trey is the Editor)

I’ve come this far, though, so I at least have to show it to the world. Somewhere inside this sewer that is my brain, I not only conceived of this abomination but downloaded software and invested multiple hours in creating it. First, though, at least take a look at and appreciate the dice. If I’m going to expose myself to this ridicule, you can at least humor me and oooh and ahh over my blank dice. Oh, and here is a link to the stickers you can put on them.

And now, please experience, Shame. Yes, that is my voice dubbed.

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Introducing Upgraded Destiny Stickers!

If you’re in the market for some stickers to make your own proxy dice, we have those for you, and now, they’re better than ever! After listening to customer feedback, we’ve incorporated some changes to make your custom dice more beautiful and long-lasting.

The switch from standard matte sticker paper to high-quality vinyl sticker paper has been expensive (to us, not you), but totally worth it. These stickers have graduated from something you will slap on a die just to show the correct symbol and value to something you will be proud to show off.

Whether it’s the standard sheets of 88 generic proxy stickers or the Transformations set stickers (complete with Transformations art), these are are the stickers you want to create your own custom dice.

For those of you not interested in the higher quality stickers, we have a limited supply of the old paper left, and are selling those stickers at a discount. Get them before they’re gone.

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Second Printing Transformations Sets For Sale

Since it appears that it’s just cool to print and sell the Print and Play cards, I’ve decided to bring the second print run of Transformations directly to you. The free set with $50 orders using the coupon code TRANSFORMATIONS still works, but now, if you don’t need $50 in singles, you can pick up a set by itself for only $20.

Click literally anywhere in this post to order yours today!

This second printing of Transformations comes with even more value. In addition to cards that are of absurdly high print quality, nearly indistinguishable from regular Destiny cards, we’ve added some additional cards to help those of you who might not have access to the expensive Parallel Dice you need to play with these.

As one final tidbit, I did add a little something something to the back of the Kingwood Hobbies card.

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Scratch and Dent Sale!

In the process of buying collections, we get a number of ships that have survived a few space battles and have some slight wear and tear. Their PewPew mishaps are your gain.

Check below the pictures for prices and DM to claim yours.

Shipping to the US is $6 for any number of ships. International shipping is $12.

1 – G-1A Starfighter – no mounting peg – $7
2 – Firespray-31 – broken chin gun – $5
3 – Aggressor – repaint (green) bent – $10
4 – Alpha-class Star Wing – no mounting peg – $20
5 – TIE/ca Punisher – no mounting peg – $15
6 – E-Wing – magnetized (with peg) – $6
7 – RZ-1 A-Wing – green stripe on top – $4
8 – Aggressor – repaint (red) – $12
9 – TIE/in Interceptor – no mounting peg – $5
10 – (3) Partisan T-65 – wings won’t open – $4 ea
11 – T-65 X-Wings – decepticon repaints – $5 ea
12 – T-70 Black One – repaint (bright) – $3
13 – T-70 Black One – repaint (dim) – $3
14 – (2) StarViper – broken panel – $7 ea
15 – Y-Wing – blue/black repaint – $5
16 – TIE/fo Fighter – stuck peg – $3
17 – TIE/fo Fighter – overglued peg/repaint – $3
18 – TIE/fo Fighter – overglued peg – $3
19 – TIE/in Interceptor – skull and bones repaint/no peg – $5
20 – TIE/ln|x1 Hyrid Ugly – broken panel/red repaint – $4
21 – Sabine’s TIE/ln – broken panel – $4
22 – TIE/x1 Advanced – two broken panels -$4
23 – Z-95 – rainbow repaint/no mounting peg – $4
24 – Z-95 – red-black repaint/no mounting peg – $4
25 – Black Sun Z-95 – broken gun tip – $3
26 – TIE/d Defender – missing top panel – $3
27 – (2) TIE/ln – no mounting peg – $3 ea

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Star Wars: Destiny Transformations Now Available!

With the advent of the print-and-play Transformations set, we, as Destiny players, have embarked on a new era of the game. Now that we’re not buying cards in packs, we need another way to get our fix of in-person Destiny while utilizing these new cards. Working with our suppliers, Kingwood Hobbies has put together a high quality print run of these cards to help out our customers.

As these are copyrighted works, I’m not comfortable straight-up selling the cards I’ve had printed, but I have worked on ways to give them away for free to you guys. I’ve come up with two methods.

First, our wildly popular BYOT Preconstructed Decks have changed slightly. The Standard and Trilogies versions have been broken out into separate products, and their prices updated to reflect the more highly constrained card pools. Beginning today, July 15, all Trilogies BYOT decks have the option of including cards from Transformations on their teams. If you select a Trilogies deck with Transformation cards in it, the purchase price covers all the other cards in the deck, but I will throw in your selected Transformation cards for free. Additionally, since I’m picking these up a complete set at a time, I will be including the rest of the Transformations set along with your purchase.

Second, our singles business has been booming, and I’d like to thank everyone by giving away these sets for free with certain singles orders. Any time you pick up an order from us that contains $50 or more worth of Destiny singles, simply use the coupon code TRANFORMATIONS to get one of our printed decks for free with your order!

Our sets of Transformations should be arriving by the end of July, so any orders that would have these thrown in for free will be held until then. I don’t have an infinite supply of sets arriving, so make sure you get your order in ASAP.

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New Cards for Star Wars: Destiny!!!

Wow! Seven months after Fantasy Flight officially announced the cancellation of any new products for Star Wars: Destiny, they dropped a bombshell on the community today in the form of new, official cards! These are not cards you can buy in packs, but rather what FFG calls ‘print and play’ cards. The images are available for you to print these out yourself and add them to your own collection!

The new set, called Transformations, has only 22 cards, so this isn’t something that signals the revival of the game. Most likely is something the designers worked on in their spare time during the COVID-19 quarantine. Still, gameplay is sure to be shaken up quite a bit as this new set introduces some very exciting new mechanics to the game:

  • Flip cards have neat stuff on both sides of the card. Normally, you will play the weaker version of the card, and then, once you meet the conditions, flip the card over to its more powerful side.
  • Elite Plots are an interesting twist on the Plot mechanic. Now, you can choose to basically double up on a few plots for various effects.
  • Parallel Dice are the way that FFG has come up with to create new cards without printing more dice. A card will have ‘Parallel Dice [CARDNAME]’ on it, and you’re supposed to use the die from [CARDNAME] with the new card.

I don’t have anything specific to announce now about getting nice, physical copies of these cards, but I’ve started poking in some places to find out what I can find out. Somehow, someway, I’m going to help get real copies of these into folks’ hands. For now, feel free to peruse the new cards through the official site, or through our singles section. I’ve got everything prettied up for you real nice.

Lost in the all the hullaballoo of new cards, there are also updated Standard, Trilogy, and Infinite Holocrons that closely, but not perfectly, mimics the Gandorkcron released by our beloved Gandork in June, and a new Rules Reference that spells out how to use all the new mechanics.

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X-Wing Damage Decks are Finally Out!

After what feels like forever, the sweet faction-specific damage decks have finally arrived! If you preordered yours you should receive it very soon, as I’m turning them around today.

For those of you who either haven’t heard or haven’t ordered, take a gander at these new damage decks you can spice your X-Wing game up with.

Like everything here at Kingwood Hobbies, these decks are 20% off of MSRP, as low as FFG will let me go. That puts these babies at only $3.96 each, so you can grab one for every faction you play!

If you’re interested in them, I’d recommend picking them up quickly. These were allocated from the manufacturer, and none of us got as many as we ordered. This is FFG, so who knows when they will get a reprint, too.