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Scratch and Dent Sale!

In the process of buying collections, we get a number of ships that have survived a few space battles and have some slight wear and tear. Their PewPew mishaps are your gain.

Check below the pictures for prices and DM to claim yours.

Shipping to the US is $6 for any number of ships. International shipping is $12.

1 – G-1A Starfighter – no mounting peg – $7
2 – Firespray-31 – broken chin gun – $5
3 – Aggressor – repaint (green) bent – $10
4 – Alpha-class Star Wing – no mounting peg – $20
5 – TIE/ca Punisher – no mounting peg – $15
6 – E-Wing – magnetized (with peg) – $6
7 – RZ-1 A-Wing – green stripe on top – $4
8 – Aggressor – repaint (red) – $12
9 – TIE/in Interceptor – no mounting peg – $5
10 – (3) Partisan T-65 – wings won’t open – $4 ea
11 – T-65 X-Wings – decepticon repaints – $5 ea
12 – T-70 Black One – repaint (bright) – $3
13 – T-70 Black One – repaint (dim) – $3
14 – (2) StarViper – broken panel – $7 ea
15 – Y-Wing – blue/black repaint – $5
16 – TIE/fo Fighter – stuck peg – $3
17 – TIE/fo Fighter – overglued peg/repaint – $3
18 – TIE/fo Fighter – overglued peg – $3
19 – TIE/in Interceptor – skull and bones repaint/no peg – $5
20 – TIE/ln|x1 Hyrid Ugly – broken panel/red repaint – $4
21 – Sabine’s TIE/ln – broken panel – $4
22 – TIE/x1 Advanced – two broken panels -$4
23 – Z-95 – rainbow repaint/no mounting peg – $4
24 – Z-95 – red-black repaint/no mounting peg – $4
25 – Black Sun Z-95 – broken gun tip – $3
26 – TIE/d Defender – missing top panel – $3
27 – (2) TIE/ln – no mounting peg – $3 ea

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Star Wars: Destiny Transformations Now Available!

With the advent of the print-and-play Transformations set, we, as Destiny players, have embarked on a new era of the game. Now that we’re not buying cards in packs, we need another way to get our fix of in-person Destiny while utilizing these new cards. Working with our suppliers, Kingwood Hobbies has put together a high quality print run of these cards to help out our customers.

As these are copyrighted works, I’m not comfortable straight-up selling the cards I’ve had printed, but I have worked on ways to give them away for free to you guys. I’ve come up with two methods.

First, our wildly popular BYOT Preconstructed Decks have changed slightly. The Standard and Trilogies versions have been broken out into separate products, and their prices updated to reflect the more highly constrained card pools. Beginning today, July 15, all Trilogies BYOT decks have the option of including cards from Transformations on their teams. If you select a Trilogies deck with Transformation cards in it, the purchase price covers all the other cards in the deck, but I will throw in your selected Transformation cards for free. Additionally, since I’m picking these up a complete set at a time, I will be including the rest of the Transformations set along with your purchase.

Second, our singles business has been booming, and I’d like to thank everyone by giving away these sets for free with certain singles orders. Any time you pick up an order from us that contains $50 or more worth of Destiny singles, simply use the coupon code TRANFORMATIONS to get one of our printed decks for free with your order!

Our sets of Transformations should be arriving by the end of July, so any orders that would have these thrown in for free will be held until then. I don’t have an infinite supply of sets arriving, so make sure you get your order in ASAP.

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New Cards for Star Wars: Destiny!!!

Wow! Seven months after Fantasy Flight officially announced the cancellation of any new products for Star Wars: Destiny, they dropped a bombshell on the community today in the form of new, official cards! These are not cards you can buy in packs, but rather what FFG calls ‘print and play’ cards. The images are available for you to print these out yourself and add them to your own collection!

The new set, called Transformations, has only 22 cards, so this isn’t something that signals the revival of the game. Most likely is something the designers worked on in their spare time during the COVID-19 quarantine. Still, gameplay is sure to be shaken up quite a bit as this new set introduces some very exciting new mechanics to the game:

  • Flip cards have neat stuff on both sides of the card. Normally, you will play the weaker version of the card, and then, once you meet the conditions, flip the card over to its more powerful side.
  • Elite Plots are an interesting twist on the Plot mechanic. Now, you can choose to basically double up on a few plots for various effects.
  • Parallel Dice are the way that FFG has come up with to create new cards without printing more dice. A card will have ‘Parallel Dice [CARDNAME]’ on it, and you’re supposed to use the die from [CARDNAME] with the new card.

I don’t have anything specific to announce now about getting nice, physical copies of these cards, but I’ve started poking in some places to find out what I can find out. Somehow, someway, I’m going to help get real copies of these into folks’ hands. For now, feel free to peruse the new cards through the official site, or through our singles section. I’ve got everything prettied up for you real nice.

Lost in the all the hullaballoo of new cards, there are also updated Standard, Trilogy, and Infinite Holocrons that closely, but not perfectly, mimics the Gandorkcron released by our beloved Gandork in June, and a new Rules Reference that spells out how to use all the new mechanics.

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X-Wing Damage Decks are Finally Out!

After what feels like forever, the sweet faction-specific damage decks have finally arrived! If you preordered yours you should receive it very soon, as I’m turning them around today.

For those of you who either haven’t heard or haven’t ordered, take a gander at these new damage decks you can spice your X-Wing game up with.

Like everything here at Kingwood Hobbies, these decks are 20% off of MSRP, as low as FFG will let me go. That puts these babies at only $3.96 each, so you can grab one for every faction you play!

If you’re interested in them, I’d recommend picking them up quickly. These were allocated from the manufacturer, and none of us got as many as we ordered. This is FFG, so who knows when they will get a reprint, too.

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Spark of Hope Back In Stock

After a long dry spell, Spark of Hope booster boxes and packs are back in stock (or will be, shortly). If you’re looking for some sweet Spark of Hope pack cracking action, look no further than Kingwood Hobbies to ship you some deliciousness.

The site lists them as back-ordered because I don’t have my little paws on them right this second. I will physically have these in my hands and be putting them in the mail on Tuesday, May 19. I have a limited number coming in, so please make sure you get your order in this week to guarantee it getting in the mail as soon as possible.

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Stop the Madness With Kingwood Hobbies Dice Pools!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re playing an innocent game of Destiny when all of sudden, dice are tumbling EVERYWHERE! You just want to play your game, but those silly dice just WON’T STAY ORGANIZED!

There has to be a better way! Well, my friends, that’s where we come in. Introducing the Kingwood Hobbies Dice Pools! Seen on stream at the 2019 Destiny World Championships, these bad boys will keep all of your neat and organized until you’re ready to smack your opponent about with them.

At only $9.99 each, these handy little doodads will take your game to the next level! Dice pools from Kingwood Hobbies come in a manner of main and accent colors. Why there are more color combinations than cards in your deck! Just take a peek at all this goodness.

Main Colors
Accent Colors

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Covert Missions Cards are Now Available for Prebuilt Decks!

Now that the market has settled down slightly, I have a better handle on what cards are available to use in our prebuilt decks. If you haven’t seen them before, head on over to check the decks out. We have fourteen distinct teams to choose from, as well as options for designing the teams yourself or just letting me whip something up for you.

To celebrate, I’ve put four new decks up using cards and characters from Covert Missions.


Takes the idea of Kragan Gorr stealing and runs it in a new direction. There’s a lot of anger in the air as you use curses to force your opponent to roll into Kragan’s ability and Hate to rain damage directly onto the bad guys.


Give your opponent no clear choice on who to knock down first in this Spectre deck. Do they focus on taking out a tanked up Chopper while knowing that a fully tarted up Kanan is about to come ruin their day, or do they try to preemptively finish of Kanan and let you Voltron up some droids?

The Fallen

Jedi and Apprentice is about to get weird.


I made a mill deck. Piss off your tabletop friends.

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3D Printing Can Be Rewarding

The ability to manifest a physical representation of anything you can think of can be a heady power. So far I’ve created unique accessories for Star Wars: Destiny, terrain for miniature games, functional prints for custom-engineered solutions, and many more things. Until now, however, I’ve never brought someone’s memory back.

A buddy of mine approached me about making some terrain for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. He was looking to have heroes and villains crash through and tear up a place he knew as a kid, a place he grew up in, the How Joy Chinese Restaurant.

The restaurant closed in 2008, and now this is all that remains of the site where it stood.

Armed with only a blurry, off-angle photo and his memories, Brent and I set to work recreating the iconic sign.

After hours of getting it just right, we finally had the sign complete. I was ecstatic to give this little piece of his childhood back to him, but it wasn’t until Brent posted the first cut to Facebook, however, that I discovered what the restaurant actually meant to the people of the area. The post exploded with people remembering the place, and I’ve been swamped with orders from random people, including a museum in the area, wanting to own their very own copy. Brent’s father even heard about the signs through the local grapevine and is pleased with how they look

Today I finally completed the first 8″ version of the sign. I’m looking forward to getting this in the mail to the people who have cherished memories of this little Chinese restaurant.

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X-Wing Wave 7 (finally) Available for Preorder

Only two and a half months after they were announced, I finally have the newest X-Wing expansions available for preorder. Announced on January 8, FFG is adding ships to the Galactic Republic, Separatist Alliance, and First Order.

HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack

The Separatist Alliance’s droid starfighters are known for their ruthlessness in battle, but perhaps none are more ruthless than the HMP Droid Gunship. Armed with ordnance and protected by ray shields, these droid gunships mercilessly devastate Republic infantry formations and starfighters with equal proficiency.

The HMP gunship’s presence invokes fear thanks to predatory droid intelligence and an unpredictable capacity to strafe targets with its sweeping array of laser cannons and devastating weapons like Multi-Missile Pods. Although they were a late-war development for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, their specialized repulsors open up new possibilities for your squadrons.

The HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack unlocks new possibilities with a beautifully detailed HMP Droid Gunship miniature and six ship cards, each bringing their own programming and protocols to battle. Your droid gunship can be further modified to your exact specifications with eight upgrade cards, or you can follow the recommendations of three quick build cards to get your gunship into battle as quickly as possible.

LAAT/i Gunship Expansion Pack

A durable workhorse capable of functioning in space assaults and atmospheric battles alike, the LAAT/i Gunship transports Republic troops to battlefronts on planets besieged by the Separatists. Like the clone troopers who man it, the LAAT/i Gunship is a reliable ship renowned for its ability to get the job done.

Beyond their troop-carrying capabilities, these versatile ships are ideal platforms for Jedi Knights like Plo Koon to support Republic squadrons with their mastery of the Force. Whether making precision drops of clone troopers on contested worlds, supporting Republic formations with interlaced fire in atmospheric battles, or engaging starfighters in the depths of space, the LAAT/i can be outfitted for nearly any role or battlefield.

The LAAT/i Gunship Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these sturdy ships to your Galactic Republic squadrons, including a finely detailed LAAT/i Gunship miniature, four ship cards, fourteen upgrade cards, and two quick build cards.

Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack

The First Order lurks in the shadowy corners of the galaxy, slowly spreading its insidious influence. Connecting these secretive enclaves is the Xi-class Light Shuttle, which conveys First Order VIPs quickly but surreptitiously from base to base. In addition to transports, these swift shuttles also make ideal command craft, directing forces in raids before slipping away into the depths of space.

Many of the First Order’s most nefarious operatives unfold their schemes from a Xi-class Light Shuttle, including the devious provocateur Agent Terex. A particularly cold and calculating member of the First Order Security Bureau, Terex becomes even more of a menace once he’s been outfitted with a cyborg construct.

Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully detailed Xi-class Light Shuttle miniature, along with everything you need to launch it on your own secret mission, including a medium plastic base and two medium ship tokens. Four ship cards let you dispatch some of the First Order’s most elite agents to do your bidding while fourteen upgrade cards let you assign additional crew members to the ship and outfit it with new technology.

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Covert Missions Sets & Free Dice Pools

February is here, and that means it’s time for Covert Missions! I don’t have an exact release date yet, but I do know that we’re close enough to start thinking about acquiring your cards. Lots of people like cracking packs, but there are some people who just want the cards. For those, we offer a variety of sets where you just get all the cards you’re looking for.

To really sweeten the pot, every Complete Set or Saga Set ordered will come with a free Dice Pool! Order a playset of Covert Missions (two Complete Sets) and you will get two of them! Prototypes for these have been seen on stream everywhere from Worlds 2019 to various local Primes, and now they’re available to buy or pick up free with your set order.

  • Complete Set: This is one of every card, along with any accompanying die, in the entire set. Buy two of these, and you’re done. You have everything you could ever need to play.
  • Saga Set: This is two of every common, uncommon, and rare in the set, and one of each of the legendaries. This is a bit more economical option if there are legendaries you will never want to play with. Buy this, and you can pick up second copies of specific legendaries when you need them.
  • Rare Set, Uncommon Set, and Common Set: Here’s where we start mixing and matching. Are you looking to snap up the cheapest option possible? Grab a couple of common sets to get started. Do you want a playset of everything that doesn’t have dice? Grab two each of the uncommon and common sets and you will only need to snag the dice you want.

While you’re there, check out our other sets if you need to backfill your collection.

Note: If you’ve already ordered a set through us, you will have the Dice Pools added to your order automatically.