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New Stuff Today

Added a few cool things today. Some were even on the todo list.

    Added ability to take credit cards, not just PayPal.
    Added a link to show all of the stock I actually have in. It’s more kludgy than I’d like, but it works. Now there’s a button at the top of the store that will open a PDF of stock. I still have to publish it every day though, so it’s a manual process. It does have links to take customers directly to the inventory item though!
    Finished off my inventory of promo cards.

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I’ve spent a lot of today working on the site, and getting it up and running. Now that I have some inventory in we’ve started taking orders.

Things left to accomplish on the site:

    Create a way for people to see what I actually have in stock on one page.
    Add Armada inventory items.
    Finish X-Wing Upgrade card inventory items.
    Get a logo.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I have in my head so far.