Destiny Buy List

I am happy to announce that we are back to buying Destiny singles. The table below is an up to date look at the cards we need, along with the prices we are paying.

To sell us cards, please use the table below to look up what you want to sell. Send a list of the cards and quantities you wish to sell to us at Once we agree on the offer and list of cards, you will mail the cards to us. After we receive the cards, we will make sure they are all there and get you paid.

If it’s not on the list below, we do not need any at this time but are interested in buying at bulk rates. Send a count, by rarity, of the cards you want to sell that are no on this list.

We are buying promo cards, but they must be quoted separately. If you have promos you’d like to sell (official FFG only), please include which ones in your email.