Consignment Deck Sales Submission

Welcome to the Kingwood Hobbies Solforge Fusion Deck Consignment program. Now that our in-house decks are moving smoothly through the process, we’ve decided to expand our Deck Market to allow other Solforge Fusion players to take advantage of our engine.

By participating in this program you assume the following responsibilities:

  • The decks you offer are yours to sell.
  • You will release the decks from your online inventory so that the buyer can take ownership.
  • You will drop properly packaged sold decks into the mail in a timely manner.
  • You will let us know if a deck you have listed is no longer available.
  • See the bottom of this page for additional details.

By assuming these responsibilities, Kingwood Hobbies will:

  • List the decks you wish to sell, using your pricing choices, in our Deck Market.
  • Notify you when one of your decks sells.
  • Provide a shipping label for your deck.
  • Provide you 70% of the sold deck price once the buyer takes both physical and digital ownership of the deck.

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Shipped decks must be packed in a protective outer layer (we suggest ziplock bags) inside a bubble mailer with something rigid, like a toploader or a small sheet of cardboard inside.

Kingwood Hobbies will email you a shipping label of the appropriate type as a PDF. You will print this label and attach it to your package. For our international sellers, be advised that shipping costs may change the amount that you receive on your deck sale. We are charging customers a flat $15USD fee for shipping for your decks. Kingwood Hobbies will create a label in your native Postal Service and send it to you. If the cost of that label exceeds $15USD, we will remove the difference from the sales value of the deck before we get to the 70/30 split for divvying up the profits from your sale. $15USD is our best effort for determining what shipping charges for a small, tracked package will run. If this proves to be wildly off we will adjust the flat shipping fee accordingly.

Decks must be dropped into the mail within three days of when we send you the label. If there are extenuating circumstances reach out to us, and we will try to find a solution with you.

Decks can be listed as either a static selling price or our typical reverse auction format. You may choose the format and starting price.

Digital ownership of decks makes this tricky. You must release your digital ownership of the deck before you drop the package in the mail. We will use the image you provide here to verify that the deck is available to claim so that the buyer has no trouble taking digital ownership of the deck once they receive the physical copy.

All Deck Market decks are updated on Fridays in the afternoon US Central time. Decks received during the week will show up during this window.