_Deck Bundle – Galactic Struggle (2022 Two-Player Game)



Before I get to the details, I want to stress that all of the card images and dice sides involved in this are available to the community for completely free. The fine people at A Renewed Hope are receiving no compensation from their work other than to keep the game they love going. This sale is completely about offering a printing service for something you can download and print yourself, for free. If that intrigues you, I highly recommend making your own copies of the cards rather than leveraging any printing services from Kingwood Hobbies.

A Renewed Hope has a new set on the horizon!  This one is a bit different in that it contains a pair of preconstructed decks to get you playing immediately!

Use coupon code ARH22 to get 10% off of those card sleeves you’re going to need when you pick this up.

If Preconstructed decks get you excited, don’t forget to check out all of our in-house preconstructed Destiny decks, including those extra spicy ARH decks.

This product includes professional printings of:

  • Each 30 card deck (not 20, *cough*FFG*cough*).
  • One copy of each of the characters and battlefields associated with the decks.
  • Enough blank dice to cover every dice card in both decks.
  • Stickers to cover all of the dice.
  • Our Kingwood Hobbies exclusive stickering tool to help you apply things perfectly.
  • One Star Wars-style credits card giving kudos to the folks who worked so hard on this.
  • An attractive, product-specific box to keep all of this glorious goodness organized.

Additional add-on options to spice up your copy of the game are:

  • Foils! – Shell out a few more shekels and get a second, foily copy of each character and battlefield.
  • Tokens – If you’re new to the game, you’re going to need tokens. To cut down on cost we’re offering tokens as a very inexpensive add-on.
  • Concierge service – Have our team of dice-stickering perfectionists will transfer your dice sides for you so that you can get to playing immediately once everything arrives.


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