Abyssal Conspiracy Professional Printing (Adventure 2)


Our limited edition printing of Abyssal Conspiracy  comes with a few goodies that you might not get in other places:

  • All Seals and the Vaultbinder cards are printed with a delightful foil finish that will make your gaming sessions stand out
  • The Tide card is also oversized at 3.5″ x 5″ to give you an easy-to-read and manipulate card that everyone at the table can see. It also comes encased in hard plastic.
  • A high-resolution full-page booklet containing the Abyssal Conspiracy rules so that you’re never left wondering what you’re supposed to do.
  • Large 5×7″ tableau card to hold the seals.
  • The adventure deck comes in its own hard plastic case for secure storage.
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All KeyForge Adventures products are available for free download through Fantasy Flight Games. This product is merely a high-end professional printing of what you can obtain for free here.

After defeating the Keyraken, the first adventure in KeyForge Adventures, the Archons find that the danger has not yet abated, for their ship is crippled by a mysterious saboteur who escapes before justice can be served! In this second adventure, you must navigate a grid of nine locations as you descend into the ocean’s depths to uncover the conspiracy and find the tool you will need to put an end to its villainy. Exploring the ocean’s depths is a dangerous and uncertain undertaking, and whatever force is attempting to foil the Archons is not waiting around to be stopped. As the tide shifts against you, can you stop this conspiracy before it unleashes an otherworldly power across the Crucible?

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